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So, I have a few questions regarding runs in this game. I want to get into this game's speedruning but I have a couple questions to ask that don't seem to be in the forum.

Lunar coins. Would lunar coins be allowed at all? Would the lunar shop even be allowed at all in any category? Is so, how many lunar coins are we allowed to use in a run, etc.

Next, in the rules it states that in order to post a run you have to include a bit of footage of a previous and future attempt. Does that apply to new submissions or improvements, and how does it help the verification process?

Lastly, versions. Are runs expected to play on the latest version always?

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1) Yes lunar coins are allowed, most people choose not to use them as it will usually set back your time a bit unless a pod is in the boss zone.

2) You always need to show a little bit of footage from either the run before or after to make sure that the run isnt seeded.

3) For now all runs should be latest version I believe.