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I'm wondering why the runs are sorted for real time instead of the in-game time?

Sorting for in-game time would eliminated the difference between Wii and GCN and focus on the actual performance of the level instead of the ship choosing.


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That would be a good idea, I think. Especially since the loading times fluctuate a lot even on the Wii, depending on the drive version and disc condition (scratches).


I would say it's in RTA because the first two games are run in RTA but I agree that there are quite a few variances when in comes to versions so I have made the rankings based on In-Game time. This will make things even for everyone.


Just something to keep in mind if you use in-game timers, some cutscences make the mission progress without influencing timer like attack on the executor. (It's impossible to get the best ever badge without watching it)
Just joined SRL by the way, I might start running new game and new game all gold.