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//Update: I'm a mod on this category now, and have fixed this.
As in if you click on Tour you would then click Easy, Normal, Hard, or Expert like in the Guitar Hero World Tour leaderboards. I feel this way as in Rock Band Easy mode has less songs than Normal, Hard, or Expert, and would be unfair if a runner would be to run the game on Hard, and have to do those extra songs not in the Easy tour mode.

If you still don't know what I mean, here's a link to the Guitar Hero World Tour leaderboards.


Completely sensible request, I'll update the categories. Oddly a similar thing to what I've already done has been done with Rock Band 2 and 3 even though (as you've pointed out) it doesn't make much sense. Obviously there is minimal community interest in this game and the series in general so it's not been an issue before.

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Thanks, I mainly ask because I have recorded a run of the Tour mode on the Wii port on Medium. It can definitely be beaten because I accidentally went to a song I already played twice both because my wrist was on the strum, and I'm not used to the non clicky strum bar on my Rock Band guitar. That, and this one part where the video feed crapped out for like 10 seconds, though I fixed it while in the run.


Band Tour does not need different leaderboards for each difficulty. You must pass all four songs in a tier to progress to the next tier regardless of difficulty. Also, each member can select their own difficulty.


That's actually a mistake on my part - I've just applied the variable to everything
Should be fixed soon!

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Guitar hero world tour indeed is not based on difficulty, i have the record and after beating the game over and over (unfortunately 🙂 i saw that... but i dont know about rock band i guess i will start playing it...

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