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Messing around with WTW I thought "hey i can just glitch to the final ice cream under the map because that ice cream is the sun boss ice cream and i cold stop the timer!" I was wrong. The ice cream under the hub is actually the secret mirror ice cream. We have all been bamboozled. Proof: also the white box is for the egg event. Next question is... Where is the final ice cream?


The secret of the underground mirror


I favorited an uncopylocked version of the game here:

Maybe we could look through the code and find it that way.

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That might work. Dunno honestly the whole underground mirror thing is kinda complicated. We would have to find out where the ice cream is and if it's even possible to get without the 6 minute boss fight. Even if we find the ice cream and it is contactable without cheats but with just glitches would it even be faster? and what would happen if we could get it without WTW? How would any% no WTW work? will there be three seperate categories for any%? We gotta find that ice cream!


Alright so i have been searching for the ice cream (not the code) and i think the ice cream doesn't exist. Why? well I looked almost everywhere in the most probable spots and nothing. Look in some more obscure parts to but also nothing. I tried the planet, the hub, the pre beta stage thing, Hecklands, Neocity, and Knoddy's resort, and out of bounds for Tiny Big bedroom has already been found. I have seen some of Turtle tops but I might need to recheck. The only three spots left are Turtle tops which i think is the most likely or the two paid access levels. If none of these levels contain the Sun boss ice cream then the ice cream doesn't exist and when you beat the sun the game just puts a plus one in the ice cream counter. I might check the code but I don't know anything about coding so wish me luck.


The most likely thing is that the sun ice cream isn’t actually something physical that you can collect, but something triggers in the code when you defeat the sun boss and it gives you the ice cream.