Tower of Hell Forum  /  my run isnt verified for a week already

who is gonna verify my run? thats annoying to wait for a while, in time trial they verify it for like under an hour by star speed, in obby king remastered they verify in 1-3 days by uno luno. and this game verifies nobody, but a lot of moderators.


omg you waiting SO MANY TIME since 12-19
this is sooooo long to verify..... omg...
omg.. how you didnt even tired...

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First of all, I am not a Time Trial mod and I am not UnoLuno so don't even expect me to verify your runs within a few fours or like 1-3 days.

Second of all, I don't give a single fuck that mods from some other games verify runs quickly, stop comparing us (ToH mods) to them, we are all different people.

And last of all, I have over 900 runs to be verified (and only 50 of them are from Tower of Hell)

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