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If anyone wants to check this the current wr holder for vip pro tower uses a speed coil. It even says with speed coil in the title of the video.

Also In vip noob tower glitches ethan’s 6th place run has 6 stages.

these are the only runs ive found so far that are incorrect but idk i could be wrong on both but i think they are wrong.

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I would also like to add this run, which was accepted as a pro tower run even though it uses the gravity coil.

Both Plyxcles's speed coil and gravity coil runs were submitted and accepted to the pro tower subcategory, so the speed coil run is shown as his current PB and the gravity coil run is shown as an obsoleted run.


I would like to apologize for forgetting to change categories on some runs since most of these runs were verified when I was half asleep. I will correct the categories as soon as I can.

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