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I have discovered that one of EchoRoblox's runs ( is spliced. There are three pieces of evidence I have of this.

1. On the transition between levels eight and nine, a frame where he has died in level nine is visible:

2. On the transition between levels twelve and thirteen, the chat message saying "{Team} You are now on the 'Level 13' team." never appears.

3. On the transition between levels 14 and 15, two frames where he has died in level 15 are visible:

While the run is obsolete, I still believe it should be retroactively rejected. It is (clearly) a non-legitimate time, and should not be present on the leaderboard as though it were.

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The all-caps isn't really necessary, I'm stating only facts.

1. The run is spliced.

2. The run has been verified as a legitimate run.

These two things should not exist together.


all the same, the run is obsolete so it shouldnt really matter at this point, although i see where you are coming from


Even if it's obsolete how can we trust that he won't cheat again? As a community we can't just let this happen without any punishment, it's embarrassing if we don't.

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EchoRoblox, here's why you're wrong.

1) If a cheater cheats, then cheater cheats once more, and if he likes to cheat, he cheats more.

2) How can someone listen in text? Also let me fix your text. It's been outdated! I don't wanna see that someone claimed that I cut my runs. I've changed it all, okay?

3) All caps is not totally necessary, that means that you're just mad because people don't want to look at you like you're a big cheater. Dude, you're just a kid, a mere infant to us, in fact you're just bad, end of discussion.


Gerbungis, I think that was a tad more ad hominem than it needed to be. Point 1 is fair, point two is irrelevant and semantic, the first half of point three is good but the second sentence was incredibly elitist and toxic.


Looks like i have to explain.

1) I changed. That’s why i didn’t post a run for Speed Run 4 for a fucking month.

2) This guy hacked into my runs. So that he could see my older runs.

3) Caps are necessary to heavily express a mad feelings.

4) Tablesalt, i have made an apology on this fucking situation.

5) The point is i have made an apology. So i don’t want let this thing starts again or i will report to Zooms.

6) Soulcloset and Zooms has discovered this a fucking month ago.

7) Please don’t reply, AGAIN!


No need to be vulgar on this situation, kid. Just keep calm and forget the past, remind yourself that the future exists.

Also, caps don't mean much to me. That's why I rarely use caps to "express a mad feelings." All it really means to me is that you rushed your sentence, and don't have the patience to hear what the other person is saying.

To be fair, I can reply as long as it's not breaking rules of the community.


You can’t reply to me now, Soulcloset and Zooms has believed in me.


1. Congrats. I'm not saying you still splice runs, I'm saying you have a spliced run on your profile.
2. No, I didn't "hack" into your runs. You know that big obvious button that says "Show obsolete runs" when you look at someone's profile? Yeah. That.
3. There's no need to "express a mad feelings," since I'm not personally attacking you, just your illegitimate runs.
5. I'm aware of that. Generally when people make apologies they take actions to right the wrong they have done, such as deleting cheated runs. It's not against the rules to point out faked runs.
6. And in a month the run was not removed, thus my bringing it up.
7. Disregarded.

In any case, it's not relevant anymore since all the times have been nuked.

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