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2,067/2,067 game submissions have been checked as of the 5th of January, 2022 at 5:35PM AEDT.

Some game submissions may be in a developmental stage that in it's current build, are potentially suitable for the site, but lacks enough content, as the series currently does not wish to add games very early in to their development. These games will not appear in this channel, and the submitter will be informed of this decision directly so that they may resubmit once more content has been added.

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VoltBike Race (2,027) | Rejected
Street Soccer (2,028) | Rejected: <13
Bee Swarm Simulator (2,029) | Rejected
Portal Rush (2,030) | Rejected
Escape Running Head (2,031) | Rejected
Marble Run (2,032) | Rejected: <13
RAT HOUSE (2,033) | Rejected: 0-8
WIN THE BIG RACE Adventure Obby (2,034) | Rejected: <13
Cotton Obby (2,035) | Rejected: 0-8
Escape The World (2,036) | Accepted: 7-2
Cloud Plat Former (2,037) | Rejected: <13
Find The Eggs (2,038) | Rejected
The Day the Noobs Took Over Roblox 3 (2,039) | Rejected: 3-6
Piggy The Lost Book (2,040) | Rejected
Downpour Dash (2,041) | Rejected
Easy Obby (2,042) | Rejected
Escape Running Head (2,043) | Rejected
Do Homework In The Middle Of The Night (2,044) | Rejected: 0-7
The Underground War (2,045) | Rejected
Grand Piece Online (2,046) | Rejected
Roblox Karts (2,047) | Accepted: 8-0
Multiple PlatinumFall Obbies (2,048) | Rejected: Ask Multiple Roblox Games board Super Mod
The Dropper (2,049) | Rejected
Islands (2,050) | Being reviewed
Pyramid of Narwhal (2,051) | Rejected: <13
Pretty Difficult Obby (2,052) | Rejected
Mount Kenya (2,053) | Being reviewed
Piggy: The Lost Book (2,054) | Rejected
Conveyor Course (2,055) | Rejected
THE IMPOSSIBLE OBBY (2,056) | Rejected
Neon Jumper (2,057) | Rejected
Case Island (2,058) | Rejected
Zombie Awesome Skater (2,059) | Rejected
Your Bizarre Adventure (2,060) | Rejected
A link to a <13 user profile that links their run of Escape Papa Pizza's Pizzeria (2,061) | Rejected: ok?
Monkie (2,062) | Rejected
Escape Mr Funny's ToyShop (2,063) | Being reviewed
Escape Mr Funny's ToyShop (2,064) | Being reviewed
Slender Official (2,065) | Rejected
The Dropper (2,066) | Rejected
Cotton Tower (2,067) | Rejected

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How long does it take for a submission to go thru, and how am I gonna know when it's rejected or not?

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My requested Roblox game does not appear yet.


By any chance, could you tell me why Piggy: TLB was rejected? Was it for not having enough content?


I request my roblox game today. what is gonna show the next roblox game request submission list?


like 1 day and don't have any post BRUH


Man do you think the roblox game PTFS or Pilot Train Flight Simulator is an good game to be a speedrun game?


Pilot training flight simulator was rejected the last time it was submitted because it’s not a good game for speedrunning, and if you wanna see submission results they are usually announced in the discord and not here

Also submission results are not announced daily, it is a few times a month cause there is a process


Sorry about the delay on the update of the thread. Getting a game verified is quite a lengthy process for the team.

@ZlatBurgerZlatBurger, if your game hasnt been added after a month it is safe to assume it has been reviewed and rejected, sometimes things fall through the cracks.


When does this usually update?


just join roblox speedrunning discord server.

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Why is Escape Running Head Rejected?


Why was bss rejected? You could do things like silver egg% or gold egg% or like 100k honey%?


If you have plans to submit a simulator game, don't, unless you have a VERY strong argument for it being added, it will almost automatically get rejected, as all players must be able to participate in a majority of the categories and not have to farm the game just to run it.

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bee swarm simulator is an awful speedgame, almost entirely reliant on rng and with no set goal; the categories you just suggested are completely arbitrary

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