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First the one I already said on my comment of my first submitted run. I'd like to have 3 Players, 4 Players, and 5 Players added.

The second one is adding a new rule. You see during gameplay you can go to the menu and turn gameplay animations off. This only works for Classic cause as soon as you switch to Arcade Mode, the game switches the animations back on.

So because of that and I feel the Gameplay Battle Animations is what helps make the game enjoyable, I think to play things safe a Rule must be added where in Classic Mode, the Battle Animations must be left on during runs.

I don't know for sure if that considered a given, but I say add the rule just in case.


I've added the full range of category combinations involving the game since it does seem to attract some interest.

Your second request though seems a little onerous though. This would involving having to reject runs that have already been accepted. But ultimately, preventing players from turning off game play animations on Classic mode, ultimately making game play slower, seems contrary to the purpose of speedrunning.


"This would involving having to reject runs that have already been accepted." No it wouldn't. I checked and all the classic runs submitted have Battle Animations On.

In any case, I still feel like allowing Battle Animations Off in the speedrun ruins the game. Another idea is sense all the runs submitted have Battle Animations On as of now, changing it to Any% Classic BA On and adding Any% Classic BA Off. Having Classic Mode with Battle Animations Off feels like a different mode to the game itself. Having both as an option would work.


I see what open you are referring to now.

Yeah, I'm not barring the use of that, nor am I going to make another category that explicitly bars turning off battle animations. If you'd like to run the game without battle animations, run the arcade category.


You seem to be confused as to what I'm saying. I DON'T want battle animation off. That's why I recommended the rule earlier.


Sorry, that was a typo.

I'm not going to bar the use of turning battle animations off. If you'd like to run the game with the battle animations on, there is already a category (Arcade) in which the player cannot turn the battle animations off.

Making players wait through cut-scenes that can be skipped on Classic mode doesn't make sense. It's speedrunning. The overwhelming majority of games do not make players sit through additional cut-scenes for the purposes of enjoyment.