All-Star Cup in 19m 31s by ZoggothZoggoth (Obsolete)

Low risk, low reward. Can be improved by taking risks (tighter corners, timing boosts to hit the first jump, using Scorpion on hard courses)
1:10.74 Sun & Surf
1:35.32 Suspended
1:46.50 Churn Alley
1:50.45 Accelerator
1:37.50 River of Lights
1:26.14 Blast Furnace
1:15.04 Tower Defense
1:53.30 The Dig
1:32.60 Pump Station 0
1:59.32 Leap of Faith
1:41.72 Fire & Ice
1:43.34 Grand Master

In-game time: 19m 31s

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