Tip: Choose your world seed carefully, and remember to reuse it.

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It seems pretty straightforward, but you might not think about it when you're starting out.

A lot in Rimworld is random luck, but like most games, it is possible to control it. The easiest way to do this is to always use the same world seed when practising and executing runs. Pick a word to use as your seed, and then use the same location tile every time. What you will find is, for the most part, the map will generate the same every time you land. Find a location tile that has what you need in easy access. For example, when I was doing my human hat run, I knew that there would be a mostly intact structure just south of my landing spot. This enabled me to always pan to and set up my production indoors without searching around every time. I could also generally predict where my random spawn resources would be every time. When I was doing Any%, I always knew where to a settlement with the best roads would be, and I also found a seed that generated the least amount of mountains and most amount of highways.

And always remember to experiment and don't be afraid to try something new!

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