PAL vs. NTSC | Slower Loading Times?
5 years ago
Thuringia, Germany

Hey Guys,

so basically I tried beating the WR Time of the 'First Credits Run'. I watched the footage of the moderator. First of, when do I actually start the timer? Because I've seen the current WR Holder start it right at the Automatic/Manual Selection Screen. And I did so too. I gave up after the novice tracks, because my Run was already slower. My Time for the tracks:

Ridge Racer Novice: 1'42''360 (faster) Revolution Novice: 2'26''020 (faster) Renegade Novice: 2'34''280 (faster)

WR Holder at this point in the Run: 9'03. Me at this point: 10'30.

I can't explain why my 'run' is much slower. More than a minute behind. Even if I tried I couldnt mess up the navigation in the menu this bad to mess up the time like this.

Is it because Im playing on an original N64 system (PAL) and the PAL version of the game? I also have no expansion pak. I heard about them being much slower. And if so, is there some kind of multiplier for my time to even the odds?

California, USA

Hey, sorry for the late reply,

it could honestly be the fact that you don't have an expansion pak. My run was on an original N64 with an expansion pack for reference. It would be great if you could provide a video showing your run. That way we could compare loading times between NTSC and PAL as well as with expansion pak and without expansion pak. Im not sure about something like subtracting time for someone without an expansion pak. I've seen used ones for about 35$ USD, i would just buy one if i were you, theyre not super expensive and a lot of n64 games take advantage of it/need it.

I do have room to believe that NTSC is different than PAL in other aspects of the game as well, such as top speed of certain cars, because someone commentated on one of my videos telling me how i can beat Lizard Nightmare with Caddy Car, but even without crashing I wasn't able to. So, you saying that loading times are longer on PAL could very well be true. If differences vary too much we could very well have to have different records for PAL and NTSC

As for when you start the timer, the timer starts at the select of transmission (automatic/ manual). My record video shows the timer starting a little bit before i actually choose transmission, this is because the recording lags a bit behind, but in reality i started the timer and choose transmission at the same time.

It would be great if you chose to keep running the game, we still have a lot to learn about the game and need more runners for it in general. More competition=more fun

Uusimaa, Finland

On PAL, IGT is not in sync with real time. Checked it. IGT is only correctly calibrated on NTSC-version. Game itself runs apparently slower on PAL. I don't think loading times make the difference though. I'll check on that once I purchase NTSC-U/C N64.

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