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I wanted to start this to explain some of the glitches I use in ILs, and also to give me somewhere to post minor skips and misc. glitches whenever I don't wanna do ILs I made a forum thread instead of a guide so I could answer questions, but I might do a guide or something too, to make it a bit more organized and also make a playlist for videos.

Scream spamming - When you scream, there is a timer before you can scream again. If you pause right after the scream and wait out the timer, you can instantly scream again when unpausing.

Running on death barriers - Some death barriers let you run on them as long as you keep screaming, this together with scream spamming can be abused to get Out of Bounds in some areas

Scream boosting. When screaming while going off a ledge. you can preserve your air momentum and angle. Combined with a B-boost you can gain crazy amounts of speed and get both far and high up.

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