Clarification on "Internal Cheats"
5 years ago
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Hey folks. Just was asking for clarification on what "internal cheats" meant in the rules section. Never seen rules that have been set up like this, but I assume this stands for "glitchless". Most communities don't call glitches and skips "cheats", but if this community enjoys glitchless categories then most leaderboards have separate categories for standard any% and glitchless any%. I would suggest changing the name to that to be similar to what other communities have set up.

Virginia, USA

There is a "cheat" that allows you to change the level of your pile, I would not consider it a cheat tbh but it is definitely not a glitch like you are talking about.

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United States

oh i see. WR's of both major categories are glitchless runs so I wasn't sure whether the boards were split over glitches or not

Virginia, USA

The runs without "cheats" have glitches in them though

United States

yeah i was just making sure people weren't putting things like the hangar skip under the "internal cheats" section.

New York, USA

so i will update my video titles to be more accurate but here's what i think we can land on

  • the boards will stay "cheats and no cheats" (the thing that separates the two is the use of the pile increase/decrease cheat)
  • glitches like hangar skip can be allowed in both categories
  • 100% should not have separate subcategories because cheats won't actually make a difference in gameplay/route

if everybody is cool with these i will adjust rules and page layout, if anybody has something to add, feel free to let me know!

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I am completely fine with everything you just said. Unless something would somehow change 100% to make cheats useful then it only adds confusion.

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