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100% rules state that all worlds must have 100% on them. I do not believe this is enough. This is just saying complete all levels and side quests. What about EXP medals, the skill tree, the catalogues? This may be too intense, and may result in injury, but for people willing to do this, I think there should be at least a "Hardcore 100%" sub category. Because what is now classified as 100% is not 100%.

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Okay, do a run of it first before suggesting the category though!


I would, but I don't exactly want to kill myself. That is why I secifically put in my post "for people willing to do this". If no one wants to run it, fine, but that's what 100% was up until kirsch's run. Something nobody wanted to run. Don't add the catgeory if you don't want to, just someone might (eventually) want to run it.


We cannot collect all EXP medals in single run in some stage, and there is not any exproits(title or name)...
So I think it is difficult to make regulation about Extrete 100%.

We should not talk in here, in 100% Intensity30 category, One Japanese Streamer wants to do in May 2nd,so we should make rules about sleep/rest breaks preventing accidents.
In Zelda of BoW 100% speedrun, we can have 2 breaks,18 hours in single run regardless of WR is 20 hours.
This category will be complete over 40 hours, Can we have breaks in runs…?
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I definitely think we should have breaks, because someone might acually get seriously or even fatally injured. I personally think the breaks should be maybe 12 hours, and have three, because while other games are just that, games, Ring Fit Adventure is actually exercise and so we should take precaution for long runs. Also, kirsch, well done on the 100% run.

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DaTroll, it's not something out of the question. Just 100% only includes what the game defines as 100% (and even has the pop up thing confirming it and everything). It's not a max percent or anything. I'm all for it. But I'm not a fan of having categories on the leaderboards if there's not even someone going to do it immediately. But if someone does please post a forum post or reach out to a mod and we'll see what we think about adding it. This kinda category is definitely something I could see.

As for breaks. I'm not against breaks but it's something that I think needs to be made clear before they're added. Right now the game has a somewhat strict RTA timing through the any%'s and 100%'s. A segmented approach isnt something that's bad but I think many would agree your approach would be quite different. If you knew you only had to go all out for 10 hours at a time and could take a break of over a day with this game it's quite different because of the physical aspect of it.

So what I would want to see are these things:
1. What categories do people want to see breaks in? ONLY Intensity 30 100% runs? Intensity 30 any% as well? All subcategories of any% and 100%?
2. When and how many breaks should be allowed? 2 breaks every 18 hours? 1 break every 10 hours?

Let me know what people want and we can broaden the discussion and add it to the rules.


I posted on the discord but here as well. I could see there being one/two breaks for Intensity 30 100% .

There is no reliable way to keep track of all xp medals being picked up in game. In game defines 100% by completing all sidequests/levels. Catalogues and skill trees would require to do go through the 2nd post game set to get everything.


Oh, okay. I didn't know it had an ingame 100% popup. I have not actually beat the game, I got it in late december and don't do that much a day. I did not realize that you based what 100% was off of what the game counted as 100% Sorry about that. About the post game, most games need post game for 100%, so that wouldn't be out of the ordinary.