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Hey guys! DVark09 here.
So in the past couple of weeks I was working on the autosplitter of the game and I can finally say it's done! You can check it out here: https:/​/​github.​com/​DVark09/​ReVoltAutoSplitter
So it works for every category, it starts, splits and even resets too excluding some situations(All Cups reset before getting any cup done)
I have tried it in All Cups and Stunt Arena but I never got to 100%. It should work just fine but if there is any issue contact me on discord!
Also we have a discord server now! You can join it here: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​QDqjk6e
Hop in and let's talk!
If there's any issue with either the server or the splitter contact me on discord: DVark09#7856
P.s:I'm going to change my name as soon as I can to make less confusion, but I can't change it atm 🙁
Also should I make a video on how to use the splitter or the text explanation is fine?

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