5 years ago
Ohio, USA

The competition really heated up a bit on this one. Now I'm gonna have to run it again. :)

Maine, USA

Best of luck, the grind with this game is real, haha. I think that sub 45s would be the fastest (with GOD rng and gameplay) but I don't think I would ever want to grind this that much haha.

Although you should try the new cat too if you don't mind tedious resets, its pretty fun.


Just as a side note 'gents, I do anticipate adding "Round 2" and "Round 3" as additional categories (and maybe another, I got to look a bit more into the game to see what's there), I just haven't gotten there yet myself run wise, so I'm not sure the exact frame to end timing on yet for the ruleset. But if you want to run those before I get the categories up, I will accept them.


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