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Hi all, I want to contact rer2 moderators, because I got on ps4 a time 1'36'19 in contdown mode. But the problem is I do not know filmed my run! and I do not have the equipment we need. Could you check my record ? my id : taekwondo_fureur , check by sending me a message , for example , thank you !


Hi, you need video proof to get a run on the leaderboards. You can use the ps4 streaming app for Twitch to live stream your runs then submit here.

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Hello ! thank you for your reply , I possibly did not know this aplication ps4 , thank you . Since this is the condown I'd rather do it level by level, it will be more pleasant to look puique I do not know servire me video editing site. Thank you again to the moderation Rev2 🙂