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in this post i will cover the benefits of syncing your game with


REP is a form of currency on you gain REP by logging in daily, completing achievements in game, and gaunlets in raid mode.

REP allows you to buy stuff for your website profile but the main point of this thread is the benefits you get in game from this website using REP.

REP can be exchanged for Gold in raid mode and also custom part boxes see picture below

For 1k REP you can get 50k Gold in raid mode. i gain about 600 REP just by logging into the site daily. that can then be spent on Gold or custom parts that's a nice bonus for doing nothing even inside the game, Especially if your like me and upgrading level 100 weapons beyond their limits. every little helps.

-Custom part boxes
I'm not sure as to what the limit is on the level of the parts you can gain but the "parts chest(gold)" is something else worth buying. i bought one earlier and gained a soul eater 5. Although it is random which custom part you will actually get.

- Transferring from website to game.
From the picture above you should see the "transfer items" icon once there you will see this screen
on this picture i'm in the process of transferring some BP(GOLD) and a custom part just for an example. Add items to the list and hit SEND.

to get to the unlockables page go to profile>overview>unlockables.

RE.NET is also good for online raidmode events to compete in which start early april. Rewards are also dished out for 1st 2nd and 3rd place in these events.

good luck have fun and happy spending

~Ste RaccAttack

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"BP" is a single-player mode currency tho I'm sure you and most people know that, the Raid Mode currency is called "Raid Gold" which is what the game refer to it as now since Revelations 2 changes to Raid Mode.


Thanks for the heads up on the boni users get o/ I didn't know this before, definately worth a spin for those gun parts, since they can make a magnum go rocket launcher real quick 😃


Yeah when it comes down to some of the bosses in raid mode stages having the ability to pump a magnum into a death machine is gonna be a key thing.