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It's time to create this raid mode leaderboard and i want everyone to voice their opinions and give suggestions. each section will have a strawpoll also so please vote on these then i can get a rough idea from those and also comments.

Please remember any ideas that i have are subject to change if people want it differently. That stands for before its created and even after.

If you don't like some of these ideas please tell me why and suggest a different way of doing it.

==Categories/General Ruling==

- Gauntlets instead of each individual stage. (Idea)

So i've seen people suggest that the categories should be split into Gauntlets instead of each individual stage which i agree with, Since each individual level would just clutter the hell out of the leaderboard and honestly be impossible to follow for the most part. Not to mention it would need to be split into solo/co-op for EACH STAGE.

- Recommend level

I think each stage should be played at it's recommended simply because it makes it more interesting than just destroying everything at lv100 on a low level stage.


Just No. i think everyone already agrees on this point.

-RTA VS Sum of IGT

This is a tricky one because if we are to use gauntlet% not everyone is linked with and it uploads after every stage. so someone that isn't linked will automatically have the better time and of course we cant force people to link up with RE.NET because people(for what every reason) may have pirated the game and therefore cannot link with the site.
Sum of IGT also stops the issue of loading times. I NEED SERIOUS OPINIONS ON THIS.

- Any% VS Trinity(All medals on a stage)

Again, another one i need some serious opinions about. in my opinion there's barely any difference between any% and all medals most stages you have to kill at most 10 more enemies and just use no herb and be a recommended level. do we really need any% AND all medals%? or should we just have all medals?


It's down to the player to inherit skills from other characters to make their own builds. So i think we should have the attitude of 'Anything goes' for inherits. You earned it you use it.

- PC VS Console

Seperate Categories for PC and Console? i would say yes but maybe make a completely different board to split them to stop clutter.

- Co-op runs

in a co-op run both players should record their game play to ensure all is legit.

If anyone can think of anything i've missed out please tell me and i will add it to the list with a strawpoll also when replying to a certain part of this thread please quote the title such as "-RTA VS Sum of IGT" this will make it easier for me to understand the section you are talking about 🙂

I will be gathering ideas and suggestions until monday. since monday is my day off work and i will dedicate the day to the leaderboard

Thanks for reading and please voice opinions/Suggestions below

~Ste RaccAttack

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Gauntlets using sum of IGT with completion medallions is the way raid should be done.
If we track campaign using IGT then its only fair we use that method across the board.
I have no problem with people inheriting perks.

I dont even know if coop is popular enough to need a category, i dont recall many people running that in Rev1 outside of ghost ship and seeing as we dont have a GS 2.0 is there really any request for a coop category?

Console and PC should be split purely for KB+M advantage, no console player will ever be able to out compete that, especially with how slow the aim/turning is in this game.

One thing that may become a problem though is level 100 weapons seem to be upgradeable almost indefinitely if you have the gold to do so. So eventually someone will have a weapons with such broken capacity/firepower/fire speed whether it be through grinding or some form of trainer and outright break the game.

Imagine an AMR with 100k damage a 200 clip and homing shot 10 because it is possible from what ive seen lol


@Reazie Revs 1 wasn't a popular game across the core RE community only a few of us bothered to speed run it. that's why co-op wasn't a big deal but i think this game will spark some co-op action and it will probably end up being completely separate from solo runs if the category is created.

As for lv100 weapons we can't really stop people from using them even if they are stupidly upgraded i'm going to play around with the trainer myself just like i did with revs 1 so i can easily point out a cheater and just like revs 1 upgrading is capped. Quite easy to tell if someone is outright cheating 🙂

~Ste RaccAttack


is it capped at +30 for each upgrade this time? Outside of one vid which was like super hacks ive seen such little info on what is actually possible to obtain legit in raid. If there is a cap then good there shouldnt be any issues really although i guess it wouldnt be hard to have people showcase their loadout prior to a gauntlet of afterwards for the sake of legitimacy


i think showing loadouts before or after the run is a good idea and its capped the same as revs 1 for weapons i believe. it costs so much to upgrade so i haven't fully tested it yet. but i have been told from a reliable source that its capped.



Upgrades are capped for skills some at 1 some at 10 and most at 20.
So that's fair enough to use what ever skills you find benefit your run for a Gauntlet to get your times.
Showing your load-outs should be required before the run and also maybe after.

I think that doing the PC and Console version split up is good but keep it all in one board.
Runs should be done through Each Gauntlet and I think RTA or sum of IGT would be fine. I personally lean a bit more to RTA. The one thing that would make IGT hard to do is that if you already have a faster time on some stages unless you pause and write down that time it would be very hard to show that in a run video for Verification when you could just keep a live timer going. just my thoughts on that.
No revives self explanatory really, but when a stage lasts around 5 minutes and a full Gauntlet is around 30 minutes, why bother.

I know some of the stages in a Gauntlet require to kill all enemies but you are not forced to not use healing unless you want the 100% for medals. so I would have both categories for them. Both any% and 100% would have allot of variation to how people would approach them.

Co-op should require both runners to submit a video from there perspective with the exception that you do them split-screen then in that case you only need 1 video.

Same stuff I went over about before but posting them all in here for your purpose. =)


I can and most likely will do up an example layout in a doc for how they could be setup to help out with ideas or w/e.


I'm in the process of creating the boards. Based on feedback and the straw polls i have a rough idea of what the majority would like.

Due to lack of space on the current Revs 2 Board, Raid Mode was added as a separate game entirely but hopefully we can get the forums for it moved into the RE Series forums so everything is all in one place.

Also take note that anything i do with the leader boards can always be changed. Nothing is set in stone.

I also added some different mods for raid mode as i know they have a lot of knowledge in it. more can be added.

The Boards can be found here ;

Edit; I'm yet to add co-op, i will do so later tonight.

~ RaccAttack

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Nice cant wait to try this out!

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Personally still think any% shouldnt be in raid due to most missions requiring all kills anyway, also why is omega in the gauntlets list twice? Once as VH and again as CR


i'm not too keen on any% myself but people seem to want it so i added it.

Theres 2 omega stages one for very hard and another for code red.

Still a lot of work to do on the boards, i will finish it tomorrow

~ RaccAttack


The code red stage is exactly the same though albeit Alex has a fire buff


the damage you take is higher, the enemies have far more abilities than in very hard because alex has the ability to give them all sorts. not to mention shes more tanky

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What i mean is why is it listed like this. Omega doesnt need to be there twice


oh i see what you mean now lol i was dumb. thanks for pointing it out


i'll finish the board tomorrow its in a slight state right now still need to add co-op categories


Well I already started doing practice runs. And started a threat there to tack them or let you guys see what im doing... i dunno but ya can't wait for co-op and see if anyone wants to do those.