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Sup guys.

I have added a variable to choose between inf ammo and non inf ammo runs to the full game runs leaderboard.

Inf ammo runs will still be 1st place by Default, i don't want to devalue any runs submitted prior to the change. Also in no way am i doing this to claim more "World records" for myself. I've done this because we had a run submitted for Claire% without inf ammo, it was a good run and was unfair to be categorized with rocket spam runs.

Moving Forward..Do we add a variable inside the level leaderboard for non inf ammo runs?(current rocket and future rocket runs will still show on the level page as 1st place assuming they will always be fastest) but when entering the board to see times other than first place the option would be there to choose between inf/non inf.

Let me know what you think.

~ RaccAttack


It's a good addition to differentiate between the two. In the end if they're allowed they will be the fastest runs. Not too much traffic on here for separate categories so I think this is the next best thing. I won't be putting myself at a disadvantage when I get around to running those categories though.

As Chris would say: "Good Stuff!".... Steven Kappa


In reality wouldnt this just be "non-EX" weapons categories, as opposed to "non-inf ammo" categories?
Don't get me wrong, im all for the divide, people who do non EX weapon runs put a lot more time into prep, so they deserve their split, but i swear we had this debate early on in the beginning of REV2 running, and the verdict was "if they want to run non EX weapons, they can do countdown or invisible enemy". Im just wondering if it's going to spark some annoyance in the running community if we change it now.

If we're working off of votes though, I vote for separation, im curious as to how we could possibly separate the level leaderboards any further though.


Wait so they fixed inf ammo? And now its perm?


The variable is Non-EX and EX that was bad wording by me. A variable isn't a separate category just a drop down box to filter out runs you don't want to see. No more categories will be added for the Level board.