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Hello guys,

I am looking for some advices to speedrun this game. I am on console (PS4).

And I have several questions:
1/ I am trying to figure out what does mean the rules for the any%:
New Game Rules-
- Must be played with a clean save file (No upgrades/No EX weapons/No infinite ammo)

Since I don't use any EX weapons and infinite ammo, it is not a problem but I am not sure what does mean the "No upgrades" parts? Since I bought all the available skills, does that mean I have to delete my data?

2/ do you use the ex-weapon and infinite ammo to speedrun the level-runs? I think it is allowed but I did the episode 4 with Claire and no need for it. I was wondering if it was the same case for the other episodes.

3/it seems that you have higher level of zombies with the raid mode when you are connected with (I read that on a old threath in an random website). Is it the same with the game ?

4/Do you have a favorite control setting for speedrunning this game (I use the default one, the control type A)

5/I use to speedrun RE remaster and played in Japanese version because we could save some precious time to show the text. But I feel it is useless on RE Rev 2. Am I right ?

6/ Is Moira faster than Claire?

7/ And a last stupid question: do you think changing costumes change the speed of the characters ? ^^'

I am not sure if I will have a lot of answer because it seems not to be a very popular game among all the RE series - which is sad because it seems largely underrated (in my opinion of course) - but I would like to thanks everyone who came before (and who will come after) to give some tricks, it helped me a lot to start to speedrun this nice game.


Hello Ze

1. to play new game you would have to either delete your save file or back up your save file on the cloud, that way it's "fresh" like you just purchased the game and are playing it for the first time.

2. Ex weapons are faster for all episodes other than i guess Claire 4 since you don't really need to shoot much.

3. no idea tbh, raid is dead for this game, you will have to test this one yourself.

4. i use default on PS4 but never tried the others, as PC is my main platform.

5. Japanese text makes no difference in the later RE games

6. i believe she's the same speed but either way it is optimal to switch characters at certain points in the episodes to avoid losing all stamina and having to evade.

7. costumes are literally cosmetic, they add no effects to the characters.

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Super! Thanks StevenMayte! Your answer will help me a lot.

Unless it is a bad idea, I think I will create a new profile to play the "new game". I don't trust my luck with the cloud save ^^

And too bad for the raid mode, it looks fun.

Thank you again.