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Please use this thread to discuss any changes or improvements we could make to the rule set for this game, and to suggest new categories!


This strat was recently discovered. As of right now, continues are not allowed to start a game. Would the community be in favor of removing that stipulation in order to allow this strat in the any% run?

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As for continues, I guess I'm in favor of it. I find it amusing because that strategy results in a softlock (so you'd have to reset anyway ;)). I'm amused and happy that this is a thing at least. Lost Levels SNES any% has a similar kind of gimmick, so I'm OK with allowing it.

HOWEVER, this does require use of suicide code. I'm curious people's thoughts on using the suicide code in order to quickly kill yourself (restart any area with full health). Or in the above circumstance. Thoughts?

It's kinda like if you allow one, you have to allow both here.


I think both should be allowed.

I can see people not wanting suicide code because it's a code though. I'd definitely like to hear others' input.


Yeah I wasn't sure if the suicide code was allowed. But since it isn't a trick with Player 2's controller I thought it might be acceptable. The trick requires some skill too.


I mean you aren't starting the game/run with a continue there so I don't see it as a rule violation. Just my thoughts though.


So here's my thought. We open up any% to allow all these tricks. Suicide code allowed, continues mid-game allowed, etc. We can then create an "all levels / warpless" category for folks who want to do the levels as intended. We can change the "no continues" rule to just "all games must start a by selecting 'new game'.

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I like "Any%" + "all levels" + "andrewg%"

Seems fair. Allow everything for any% and andrewg%, and make "all levels" just by banning the vine glitch.