question about running
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question about running
Missouri, USA

i recently came into possession of a modded ps3 with a 1tb ssd installed in it is it OK to backup my official copy to my ps3 and play it off the ps3 hdd or does it need to be the actual disk?

United States

Since this isn't an official way to play the game, we'll have to insist on runs being done from the disc for the console board. But you can absolutely play it through your PS3

Missouri, USA

ok thank you

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We have an Autosplitter!!

Thanks to @TheDementedSalad we now have an autosplitter for the game! You can find a setup guide for it under "Guides" and some pre-made splits for it under "Resources".

Now that we have a working autosplitter, we should talk about the timing rules for Duckstation. For New Game runs, it starts and

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