Yono and the Celestial Elephants Any% No Major Skips PC 00:00:00 0 Tutorial Windhill Hedgehog Halfway Hedgehog Forest Knightingale City Trap Tunnel Trollmoss Forest Sundergardens Acorn Woods Woolly Halfway Woolly Mountain Dungeon 6 Robot Dungeon Dungeon 19 Hangman's Arena Elephant Realm Play Time False GameStart| AreaEnter|Windhill AreaEnter|Hedgehod_Forest_Start AreaEnter|HedgeTunnel05 AreaEnter|Knightingale_Square AreaEnter|Trollmoss01 AreaEnter|Trollmoss09 AreaEnter|Sundergarden AreaEnter|Acorn01 AreaEnter|Woolly01 AreaEnter|Woolly05 AreaEnter|Dungeon01 AreaEnter|Dungeon06 AreaEnter|Dungeon09 AreaEnter|Dungeon19 AreaEnter|Dungeon23 AreaEnter|ElephantRealm GameEnd|