Red Faction: Armageddon Forum  /  Wondering if anyone knows about skips, oob, or any speedrun tricks?

Not sure if anyone out there pays attention to this forum much, I know Armageddon hasn't gotten really any speed running attention, if at all before I began runs.

So I thought I would ask if anyone knows of any viable skips, out of bounds, sequence breaks and anything that could make the run faster?

I have found a few already, nothing oob, but I've found some sequence breaks and small routing optimizations/skips in certain levels.

Any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated, and hopefully people may be inspired to run this game too!

Note: Hey Kotti, I know you're probably the one approving my submissions, would it be possible to add a way to state what system the game is on, since I am using pc, and this game is on 360 and PS3 also, thanks!

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no i don't know of any. sorry.

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