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Can we make it so you start the time when you press "Skip" on level 1, or pressing R/resetting on level 1 to eliminate the time it takes to press skip? All it does is just slow down runs and it's not really in the nature of red ball, since none of the game uses the mouse at all. Also, runs in the past (such Jumpyluff's 4:37) that timed it that way anyway. Thanks for you time!


right. so is anyone really against timing this way from now on? it's really just a pain having to start over 5 or more times in a row just to get a good skip time, and it would make messing up on level 1 less annoying.


The timing starts from clicking to enter the first level as it's considered the first input of the attempt. The time lost from pressing skip is perhaps ~.5 seconds, which isn't too big of an issue. As of right now, we will keep the standard timing the same, as if we were to change to pressing skip it would require all existing runs to be updated to be accurate according to the new standards.

If there's a large demand for change - the rules are malleable - but as of right now things will stay the same.


please change the rule. it annoyes me so much when i miss the first jump in the first lvl and i have to go to the menu, to the title screen, to the lvl selection, to lvl 1 and then i can press skip, all over again.


A: There is a Macro (yuck) which will automatically do it for you
B: If you changed it to first input it wouldnt change much desides making this less annoying (IE: Resets on level 3 will still be annoying)

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