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Hey, I recently broke the WR for RE3 No intro on the console category NG+ but I was never featured on the front page like others who either break records or have runs verified, so my question is do you have to meet certain criteria to be featured on recent runs ?

Genuine questions 🙂

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Recent runs are sorted by the date they were played, not verified. Since yours took over a week to be verified, it is unlikely anybody would've seen it on their front page, as it only shows the 10 most recent runs of all followed games.

Runs like this which are verified instantly have a 100% chance of reaching the front page, but even still it won't last more than a few hours. The people who want to see your run will find it.

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Can Moderators verify their own runs ?


They have the ability to, but every community has their own rules. If you can't trust a moderator with their own runs, why trust them with everyone else's?

Congrats on your run!

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Thank you for the speedy replies 🙂