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Currently I've found a couple things that Pause impacts in this game.
I got the idea for checking on these when, while watching Assisted runs by Cassolzao, runners would pause to manipulate Nemesis to spawn in certain spots.

That meant there are processes running in the background while the game is paused, and so I started to poke around for potential other moments where it could happen.

The easily proven time save was Deimos. Pausing right after the Deimos cutscene helps to allow the game to either process, or catch up, so you can subsequently open your inventory instantly and return Jill back to regular running speed immediately.

I then started to wonder about the Hospital Cabin/Siege.
I have found that during Siege you can pause at certain points and the game will actually load enemies in while the game is paused.

The problem is that pausing during Siege also slows down the enemy loads. This can cause anywhere from a few seconds to upwards of 7 or more seconds of lost time in a run.
Do not pause during the event if possible.

However, directly after you blow up the pillars Carlos will then wait for a second before radioing Tyrell. This reminded me of the Deimos situation, so I tried pausing immediately after the cutscene.
I am seeing upwards of a half second of time save by pausing immediately after the cutscene and then waiting a second before unpausing.

I hope someone can give me confirmation on this so I don't think my game is just bugged.

Has anyone else found any other type of Pause-related glitches and/or time saves?

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Yeah I also have seen 0.4-0.5 time save pausing before Carlos picks up the phone after that cut scene, just immediately hit the pause after detonation.

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hmm, what about elevator levers? lol this game is a mess

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Yeah Arlan haha. Back when I found the moon donuts pause for nemmy spawns, I knew there were some wild pause memes. Cassol’s pause in warehouse, deimos, and even during Waste Nemmy, right at the start if you hit your analog stick to aim at him and then pause, it will literally move your camera and you save .5 seconds. So many little things. Borked

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How quickly you skip a cutscene can also impact Jill's position and/or the camera angle. Among others, how you time the cutscece skip for the apartment phone pickup, meeting brad, and the roof elevator button (part 2) cutscene can all impact Jill's position and/or the camera angle. At first I thought just waiting 2-3 seconds before skipping all cutscenes would be the safest bet, until I found that waiting on skipping the roof elevator button press actually caused Jill's position to be slightly worse. This game...

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@Material KEKW. Seriously it took a little over a month before I got sick of it

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Btw Cassolzao says he can save about .1 there doing the pause(hospital), but normally he breaks even.
It seems like the After Hospital pause might be based on how efficient your processor is.