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I think it would good doing this no apartment category, like in re7 the no guest house


Sadly I doubt this is going to happen, I know a good few peoople who wanted this including myself when the game came out. Sure it's nowhere near as bad as RE7's guest house but it's still annoying as hell, and one of the reasons I stopped running the game (other than final nemmy acid rng).
It would be too silly to put no apartment% for every category too and would clog up the boards, so it would only make sense to put it for nightmare and inferno anyway, given that you can literally be cucked within a minute of apartments if you get unlucky.


Yeah that’s right I would be good for inferno or nightmare, because resetting every time on those two categories all the way back to apartment is annoying


A no apartment category isn't going to happen. The apartment to streets is only a few minutes. I don't like that people compare it to no guest house, because guest house is like 15 minutes instead of 5. Resets are part of speedrunning.

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Also you can get different results from apartment to the subway split depending on Runners ability, hardware, and category.

I've seen some people roll into the subway at 4:18 and I know of one person who can get a 4:15, for example.

On a side note you'd also need some way to create a uniform start point/time AND potential RNG seed.
Which I don't believe is possible, or at least not easily possible.

However you can definitely run the category and encourage others to do it.
Don't be afraid to share how well your times are if you do it.

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first 5 minutes takes a lot of skill and practice to get a good time, also even in re7 its just a meme category...we have a lot of meme categories. I see no reason to start everyone at Mike Wave's best apartment time for example

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