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Hey guys,

After some extensive debate, we've decided to open up a vote for a potential "No Intro" category. This category, using an edited save file you make on your own, would start the run at the subway typewriter with your IGT set to 0.

See my video on how to set up said save file using the trainer, it's very easy to do:

With this new category come some ground rules, namely:

1) Inventory must be set up in a specific way for each category.
2) SRT or Overlay must be displayed at ALL TIMES. Livesplit can be ran on the side but does not substitute the former.
3) Your save must be made properly in order to avoid bugging the enemy AI outside the subway. Follow the video exactly in making your saves.

More extensive rules going into detail have already been written down but will be publically posted if the vote is a success. The usual rules from the main game categories such as an FPS cap and two minute limits being enforced for pauses will still be in effect for this category.

And finally, we're also putting to a vote the legality of visual mods for use in runs of this specific category. If a success, we will allow COSMETIC ONLY mods to be used in No Intro runs (any mods that break ToS or make gameplay related changes are universally banned).

To explain the reasoning on why we're only allowing visual mods for this category: we want this category if it goes through to be the "non-vanilla" category where we're more relaxed on some rules, while the full game category we've been running up until now is the true, vanilla category. The latter will still be considered the main category of the game, but No Intro will be there as a viable alternative for those who want a shorter run and don't want to have to deal with the various autoscrollers at the beginning of the run.

And finally, to address it, this is unfortunately only being considered for PC due to the use of the trainer.


This is bound to be a divisive and controversial decision either way, so while some people might be heated on one side or another, we ask that everyone be respectful of one another; we're all friends at the end of the day.

Happy running everyone!

Voting will end on March 23rd at 7pm PST.


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Voted no cause if someone wanted to run this game but waited for a whole year for this category to appear - they actually dont want to run it at all. This should have been done when the game appeared on this site. If this category is added then rip old boards, there will never be new runs anymore.

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Originally posted by exper1mentVoted no cause if someone wanted to run this game but waited for a whole year for this category to appear - they actually dont want to run it at all. This should have been done when the game appeared on this site. If this category is added then rip old boards, there will never be new runs anymore.

People who were running the game already wanted this last year and were denied it. I'll happily pick the game back up if it's approved.

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Seems like a great way to renew interest in the game.

And yeah, experiment, they were asking for this back when the game came out.


Not even the mods run this crap(except Mike), wonder why?


You got my vote! Hope to see this turn out well 🙂 would love an intro skip! Especially with so many runs dying at Substation anyway. Helps a ton with resets!

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Some of the runners would probably be against it because they had to invest so much time and nerves watching those apartments but from the very start i wanted this to be a thing. If this lives i will for sure get back to it eventually with so much more will to grind lol. Vote yes

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I mean no reason not to have it. Although it should prob be a Category Extension or Misc Category imo.


i spent hours and hours inferno doing appartments again and again. i love gaming i love speedrunning i love resseting. this dont change nothing for what i like to do.i vote yes

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I was recently grinding 2 cats in this game trying to PB by 2/3 mins each which have been so damn annoying (currently abandoned while running FF games) apartments is such a meme and I'm on a console so looks like I won't even get to try the no apartment % FeelsBadMan.

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As someone with nearly a thousand hours of grinding several categories in this game and understanding how terrible it feels to have 5 minutes of pointless autoscrollers right before one of the most reset heavy early games i've seen in speedrunning due to so many instances of rng and how much it drags down the enjoyment of an otherwise GREAT speedgame, seeing this couldn't make me happier. This was proposed when the game came out even before the boards were open and for some reason immediately shot down and ignored, but late is always better than never. This makes me motivated to get back into this game and get new PBs and WRs. Thank you so much Mike for being in touch with the community and the game you moderate and knowing what it wants.

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Is this category only made for pc runners? What to do about console runners?Anything special? Make some tips.

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I see zero reasons why this shouldn't exist. I remember a gang of runners asking for this, back when people actually ran it. Glad to see it being taken seriously, this time.

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I love this idea, brings some much needed life back to this game.

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good Idea bro !! I vote
I bored Intro can't skip about 4.xx min


This was the breath of fresh air this game long needed(before it even began). I'll be happy to comeback to running this game, and it will feel even better to have something different while a lot of people will be on the RE8 bandwagon.

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