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Sorry if there is a post about it somewhere and I missed it or misunderstand it but, why there are no categories for difficulty in the NG+ runs?

I mean ok, if you set your filter in your category is clear but, if you open the WR video on NG+ Hardcore (console) run, it shows that it is 12th or something. Isn't it a little bit confusing?


Prob cause the difference is so minuscule it wouldnt matter, only one that is different enough to maybe warrant a separate category could be Inferno.

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The main point of NG+ is to finish the game ASAP. Assisted would be the fastest difficulty to complete. Runners are free to run any difficulty. Filters allow leaderboard viewers to adjust their search for whatever difficulty they would like to look over.

In my opinion the leaderboards should be split between assisted and inferno though. The difference between the 2 runs is an amount worthy of a separate category. However the main priority of NG+ is the quickest completion and assisted will always be faster.

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@pixel_dropspixel_drops NG+ is the true ANY%. Just beat the game the fastest way possible. If you sre faster on Inferno vs Assisted, play Inferno. As the ”true ANY%” there is no need for difficult tabs. The filter is fine, you can see the fastest run on that difficult you filtered for