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youre good @NuZNuZ and its NG+ Assisted, like on RE2

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@DyldorDyldor Yeah NG+ is the true Any%. But i mean on NG. Its Easy on RE4 and 7 😋


Pausing... this is the most difficult thing i have to accomplish seeing as we in lock down and my kid or the damn cat disturbs my peace randomly at night

ill re do my runs anyway want to better them

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pause rule got updated and NG+ easy is there... lets wait boys

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Kinda disappointed that handgun only hasn’t been confirmed as a category just yet, me and the others put a tonne of work into routing and proving it possible. Though in all fairness it was only proven recently so I’ll just have to wait n hope.


Knife Only and Handgun Only are confirmed as categories, just won't go live on the boards on the 19th. They'll go live sometime afterwards, when more concrete rules have been agreed upon by the runners who are actually running the categories. They may not be prioritized for the official launch of the boards, but they are certainly recognized.

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I have a question about NG Inferno. Can we have a category with DA locked ? I know it implies using the trainer, but not dodging in purpose and taking damages makes the run pretty dumb.


@MarmmuMarmmu that would actually be a cool category. We should think of adding this additionally to regular NG Inferno.

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It seems to me very good that all the details for the runs and the rules are being fine-tuned, but I have a question: In the PC runs, can we use skins or suits that do not come by default? In other words, aesthetic mods, I suppose they should not affect the speedrun. Correct me if I'm wrong. But I saw that in resident evil 2 remake they didn't allow this. Greetings community. 🙂


@LeonthskLeonthsk I think i have read somewhere on this forum that any not in game skin was forbidden, sorry 😕


Are you guys with 0 submitted runs to SRC actually going to run the game, or did you just come here to complain?
The rules are pretty typical and quite standard.

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@maxylobesmaxylobes ah ok, I must have misunderstood. Thanks for clarifying.


@TheNevsTheNevs yeah but NG easy is not there 🥺 Yes thats good, everything can happend so pausing should be legit


Nice and clear zgl so gj to you and the other mods for getting it this far already. Maybe if one of the mods can clarify tho the leaving out of ng assisted? since so far all ive read for a reason is 'but there is ng+' from people who arent mods which isnt ng obviously.

Not that i personally have a desire to run a ng assisted run but ive seen a few having interest and was wondering why NG assisted was left out yet hardcore and nightmare isnt? Not that i want those others left out but seems like they are all fairly similar and will prob lead to quite a few inactive boards. Cus so far ive only seen real interest in standard and inferno.

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@zglzgl Changing resolution and/or res. scaling? Yeah i know its the igt, not dmg 😊 I changed under a run to keep more stable 120

On console, pop ups, friend req and things like that on screen?


Making another update to the categories/rules. NG Assisted will be a category on submission day. There are plenty of you who have already been routing and running it, and the interest seems high enough for it as a category.

Responding to some of the questions about consoles, there is a discernible difference in performance as well as visual things which is being used to tell the Pro/X from the other consoles.

As far as the friend requests and other pop ups on console, these won’t cause a rejection but if you want to keep your screen clear while running you can set your online status to Busy, and this keeps messages, achievements/trophies, and things of that sort form showing up. Now, if you back out to the home screen mid-run, that could result in a rejection.

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You’ll be seeing the leaderboards start to have categories created between now and the time submissions will begin to be accepted. Any early submissions will be rejected, please wait until the submission period starts. Just a heads up.

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Hello i have a question. if i play at RE3 60 fps PC but i use Xbox pad, my catégories is xbox or pc ?