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Hey everyone! With the submission date coming up, at midnight UTC on Sunday April 19th for those who haven’t seen the many other posts about it, we wanted to update what categories and rules are currently planned. This way everyone knows what can be expected for a verifiable PB when the time comes to submit.

The categories planned at this time are New Game and New Game+. NG will have Assisted, Standard, Hardcore, Nightmare, and Inferno difficulties. NG+ will allow all difficulties with a filter. Console will be filtered with one option being for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X and one option for PS4 Standard/Slim and Xbox One S/Day One. PC will be filtered with a cap at 120fps and at 60fps. In all categories, the Jill STARS costume from the item shop will be allowed because it doesn’t change any aspects of gameplay.

New Game will be exactly as expected, no shop items/unlockables will be allowed.

New Game+ will allow the use of any of the shop items/unlockables.

PC will use the in game timer as opposed to the Livesplit solution we had been hoping to use. After some exhaustive testing, there were issues that are inherent with the game that led to similar issues with the livesplit script that we were seeing with the IGT. After looking at many options we have chosen to have caps at 120fps and 60fps with a filter in place. I would like to thank @CursedToastCursedToast for all of the time and work he put into trying to make the script work. This will require that the FPS will be displayed on your videos when submitting.

General rules for submitting:

Timed via In Game Time

Single segment ONLY

Submissions must contain all footage for the runs provided beginning with the difficulty select screen and ending with the end of game statistics screen. Any missing footage, other than cutscenes, can result in a rejection.

All game audio must be present for the entire run. Any muted audio will result in rejection. Any other audio must not drown out the game audio and could result in rejection at verifiers discretion.

Extended periods of time spent in the pause screen will also invalidate a run. (Limit 2 minutes per pause)

Loading a save IS NOT allowed. Continuing after a death IS allowed. You may make a save in a strategic area so that upon dying you will return to that location rather than an auto-save when you continue from the death screen.

The SRT IS allowed, and we encourage you to display it on screen when used.

The use of Turbo’s, Macro’s, Trainers, or other Mods are not allowed.

Some additional tips for submitting:

Local record when possible. Relying on your stream for your VOD’s can result in dropped frames and other video issues that could result in rejection.

If you are running NG and accidentally take a NG+ item out of the box, immediately place it back before closing the box. Once the box closes, any NG+ items on your character will make the run no longer considered NG even if you walk away and return in under 1 second.

Be aware of your stream overlays, if you have things covering the ammo counter, auto-save icon, or the inventory it can result in a rejection.

At this time, these are the planned rules and categories. We are looking at Pistol Only and Knife Only [Low%] as another couple of possible categories with the interest the community has already shown for it. As more details about how those categories could exist become apparent we can try to make them a reality. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this! We look forward to getting submissions in just a few short days!

Edit: I’ve been updating this post as rules and categories have been added/adjusted/removed. So this top post is up to date.

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Thank you for dropping this with a decent amount of time before opening on the 19th. Unfortunate no knife only or handgun only for the time being. Thats fine though, Will wait patiently.


Was the pause rule put in just so hazeblades tweet about "the vast majority" of runs being ineligible for submission wasnt proven to be bullshit? Cos that's pretty dumb.

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Appreciate the time and effort put in to this. Happy Running Everyone 🙂

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@TeaTotalTemplarTeaTotalTemplar I think it's quite obvious what he was referencing was the timer possibly changing. Actually suggesting this rule was put in place to protect that tweet is just as dumb as the rule itself.

You guys (the mods) are just going to have people not skip cutscenes now. I was a fan of RE2/RE7's style of the allowed pause rule (but I see you changed RE7's rules on it, I specifically remember RE2's pause rule was inherited from 7). That's a bummer, and it's going to impact a lot of peeps.

Otherwise, the rest of it looks like standard/to be expected stuff. Good job and good luck to runners.

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i think the ng+ item point should be made more specific, as taking out most items by accident does not give immediate benefits, besides recovery coins. Also I'm guessing we cannot pause in runs anymore to take a break, which I'm not sure I agree with. Not all of us can sit down and do runs non-stop. My father has limited mobility and sometimes needs my help mid-run and I need to stop and help him, which is something RE3 OG and RE2R's rulesets made much more accommodating to this situation and to those in similar positions as me.

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Not everybody is a large streamer with a team of mods ready to handle a problems, you can't expect people to wait until a cutscene to fix problems or to throw a run when something urgent happens, with this stupid rule in place all you'd need to do to kill someone's run is to start spamming hydra dicks during boss fights.

Edit: I started writing this before zgl posted the comment up top.

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@TeaTotalTemplarTeaTotalTemplar As CursedToast mentioned, the timer is what was the possible invalidation. It's even explained in the post what happened.

Anyways, pausing was allowed for no more than 2 minutes in RE2R. Some people were happy with this, some were not. If the majority is okay with this rule being grandfathered in, then that's fine! Just let us know, without throwing unneeded shade or instigating comments. It's all a WIP.

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Is it fair to assume knife/pistol only will be in category extensions then? Or are we jumping too far ahead

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@CursedToastCursedToast It’s possible. We have talked about trying to avoid a CE, but like most things have been so far, it isn’t something that has been ruled out yet.


Really disappointing that there isn't a assisted no NG+, surprising considering its the only difficulty with the AR


@mondomantramondomantra I know but I enjoy running NG not NG+, sorry if my wording was off in my original post

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Just a question. How will u know if the run is on PS4 or PS4 Pro? Is it that easy to tell the difference?


There usually isnt much interest in assisted like this game seems to have anyways. I think the lack of ng assisted category has been carried over from RE2R which didnt have an assisted ng category.

May change if its worth adding.


it will be as useful as a hardcore or nightmare run. in the end its the easiest mode and adds a weapon so that should have been a reason but like you said the re2r mindset has carried over to this game.


Nice!! Thx @zglzgl
Good the pause rule got updated
But no assisted? Its the fastest way to beat the game so should be on the board 🥺🥺

Edit: On my console run i pause almoste every 10 min or so for 1s just to see my phase. Is that ok?