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A friend of mine just finished one knife only inferno speedrun
but cant find the category to submit it

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Theres no category for inferno low%. Mostly due to not many people running the category but a very few have finished the run itself. There was another forum talk about this in one of the knife only topics discussing the same thing if you'd like to take a look there. Maybe there are more submitted runs? I'm not too sure


I would advice to possibly participate in a current category as there's not much competition beyond assisted. Hopefully an inferno category is added, but there hasnt been much competition beyond assisted.


Just uploaded my Inferno Knife Only run. Maybe a category could be made. Some categories only have one run or even no runs, but yet they exist. Just letting y'all know.

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the thing is, on console the highest difficulty with knife only is hardcore...with only 1 person that has ran it.. nightmare has none.
PC, only 4 on nightmare... so to add inferno which would probably have even less to no people running it, is kinda unnecessary other than to give that 1 guy a free WR.

if you guys want inferno we need more activity. not just from a few people.

Edit- also one note, you don't need a category on SR.C to justify/validate you doing something
you can run inferno, there's nothing stopping you from doing it.
you can have a WR and not be on SR.C

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I think that Would be a good category knife only on inferno


I don't see how having the category would make anything worse.

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@ArlanKelsArlanKels Right? Nix, I, YingZi and a few others have done one. I dropped this game, and there are a slew of real life issues besides this stuff, but I'd love to know the rationale behind excluding it when there are HG Only runs with 1 run (some with none). People don't write these posts for nothing, or to stir drama. The real problem is, you are supposed to serve the community, not ignore them and make things easier for you. Step down if that's the case. Just wish you would do that, or add someone active to do it instead of marinating in power

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holy shit @DyldorDyldor take a step back there. Please just stop trying to escalate things. It's getting really annoying
I never said it would never get added we just want more activity from it that's all.
and im not trying to hold power or what ever you think is happening... seriously just stop

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That was a very respectful way of telling you just weigh out the decision instead of writing it off/finding reasons not to (see your reply to Nix). People feel like that, so someone had to say it. Take care


how about just add what they want 4Head

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Full disclosure:
I am not a Runner. I do not currently speedrun any category of any game. I entered into the overall community via watching RE2R runs, and then RE3R runs, and then wanting to experiment and check alternative strategies to try and help the actual runners.

I do not know what it's like to be a person who checks on the runs. I do not know what it's like to submit runs and then wait for their acceptance or denial.

However I do know that I've seen many runners of this game state displeasure with the seemingly arbitrary dismissal of what, to me, seems to be a legitimate category. This is not a category of "Run backwards all the way to the subway". It's Knife Only Inferno.

That in and of itself is a feat worthy of praise. Getting anything less than two hours on that? You deserve a pat on the back and a gold star. You have my respect, at the very least.

To that end I feel that the Runners wish to know better as to WHY they are being denied the category.
Is it due to an overload of runs overwhelming the current moderators?
Or is it due to a personal distaste by the moderators to the requested category?

The overall activity of the category is on par with some of the other, already approved, categories. Having an extra category does not do anything seemingly detrimental from what I can tell. For example, RE4 seems to have an insane quantity of categories.

Out of respect for the Runners, and so that they and everyone else can understand why, all they would like to know is why they're really being denied.

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Chiming in here with my thoughts.

As stated above by Yossy, adding categories to a leaderboard because "someone did a run and is requesting it", is weak and, quite frankly, a very annoying thing that happens more often than you think on In this case, I don't really think Knife Only Inferno shouldn't be added. In fact, WE think it SHOULD be added! I think Yossy is simply in the same boat as I am when it comes to category requests. Hell, the same boat A LOT of moderators are in with category requests. Just because it isn't a category here, doesn't mean you can't do the run and upload it for the world to see.

For the most part, we've been pretty relaxed about adding Knife Only categories, and even Handgun Only categories, as long as activity is shown beyond one person doing one run. In this case, we're just going to go ahead and add it, based on the fact that it's the only viable sub category for Knife Only that has yet to be added. It's the last insane challenge this game has to offer.

Thanks for your input Arlan, as it's all pretty well said. That kind of thought process is much more appreciated than what was displayed beforehand, and I appreciate the levelheaded response. Though, I will say, RE4 is a terrible comparison. That game has like 11 versions with 3 categories, 4 difficulties for each of those versions/categories, and two sub scenario categories. Absolute UNIT of a game.

Anyways, I think that about wraps things up. Good luck with Inferno!

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Alright count me in for Inferno.from late August probably. This makes us at least 3