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nah man is not rng, at 120 he always does tank 5 @NuZNuZ

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@TheNevsTheNevs and variable or higher? Im gonna try on my base xbox on 30 bec my kids using the pc right now. That is clearly something wrong if its fps based.


That would explain why I don't ever get tank 5 first on 60fps

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Good thing we didn't have to wait until runs were milliseconds apart to realize 60 FPS is different.... Kappa

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Ultimately, IGT with frame caps is probably the best way to go about this... We have to make sure this game is easily approachable and ANY extra work no matter how little, may deter runners.

Can you track both IGT and RTA w/ adjustments in LiveSplit? If anything, you can require that runners enter both times upon submitting runs.

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The less platform categories the better in my opinion.

PC (120fps max cap with IGT) - kill the two fps cats and replace them with a max cap of 120, this allows for caps of lower values for frame stability on lesser hardware without splitting the boards. hntd187 and Squirrelies' overlays are already good to go for displaying the IGT.

Console (PS4, XboxOne, PS4Pro, XboxOneX) - wasn't a problem with re2r, shouldn't be a prob with re3r.


Im not getting something here, 60fps cap can solve the IGT problem cuz ppl will have the same time during cutscenes + solve the enemy behavior problem (like acid nemmy) + make it easier for low tier PCs + have a more organized (competitive too) LB. Why we still talking about 120 and removals? am i missing anything?

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That's actually incorrect, the bleed is going to be different from system to system, even if everyone caps at 60. This has already been stated. Everyone capping to any specific framerate, even if everyone could hit 120, is going to cause fluctuation. Honestly this timer thing is a mess and I wish luck to the mods and community on handling it haha. I'll probably stick to playing it casually tbh


Ok so the bleed is what i was missing, got it.


So i guess if it comes to "theres nothing else we can do cuz timer sucks" it would be better to go for less changes. Having 60/120, removals and stuff and still have the timer problem or just cap 60 and have the same results but easier for new ppl to understand the board and join.

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Yeah @CursedToastCursedToast i heard in Haze stream. Nice work anyway and stay strong dude.

Im still on 60 or the future (as the statment for higher is) 144. Same LB and with filter are the cleanest looking. My other opinion is not fps relative. Its that the NG+ categorys should be on extended. Just to keep the 2 boards clean.


About this thing.. "How did the RE2 120/60 split work out for you guys pushing for that then? Where's all the vocal people for that at? I wanna see your WR's. You were so damn concerned then that your elite skills would put you behind 120. Surely all those really vocal people have close to top times, yeah? Or was it a way to hide from Orcho and other people that just play 120?"

I ll use me as example..
If i couldnt handle 120 on RE2R, no way u ll see me running 60 and grinding for WRs there, cuz the first thing i want when competing is even ground with those im competing with. So please understand that some ppl might get motivated to grind and get better if they know theres a chance (no handcap at all).

Tbh this is kinda disrespectul in some way, like "you plebs should be happy about ur 60 LB and shut up, when u stop being a pleb yall can join our elite team". Like i said back then on RE2... RE speedruns shouldnt be about these few elite players and their streams, theres more to it.

Btw i dont see how that would be running from good players if might happen the exactly opposite, more ppl will join to fight them and be more motivated. I might be wrong and nothing changes, same players will be there and these new players will be at the bottom, but at least they had the chance.

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tbh, I had to stop reading your post, my vision was blurring a bit from my eyes rolling. But no, it has nothing to do with "when you plebs" but everything to do with "meet the recommended requirements if you want to run the game optimally, let alone if you want to speedrun the game optimally". You will literally be laughed out of any other speedrun community if you try to push the crap you've done before. Best of luck to you and no hard feelings, but I'm just stating bigger scope speedrun facts.

And regarding the LB, with the IGT the way it is, I'm a bit disheartened from a fair playing ground perspective. I really don't know what to do about it, I think this game is just the way it is, and I see people resetting when bleed is too bad being in the future. I think everyone can agree that sucks. What I do suggest is some sort of cap though. Capless isn't the answer here.


It's not really the real topic of discussion (pc is, and it seems like you all settled on rules that I'm cool with for console), but as someone that ran RE2make, on a PS4 Slim, I don't know where this idea that there was no difference in the consoles came from. Literally everyone that ran on a base console, and switched to a pro a said otherwise: top runners included. At least, be honest. I've seen someone say otherwise, here, a couple of times. Facts aren't on your side, on that topic.

As for this game, yes, there should be a split. That said, I don't know what is going on with the XboxOne version. Seems like it's a mess and a half, fps wise. I don't know how you all keep that fair, tbh.

Side note: Why do you care so much about what other communities are doing? Coming from the FGC, this train of thought is wild af to me.


I think the mods are planning to split consoles though by system, no? I think it definitely should be that way as there definitely is differences. Console is probably the most fair way to run this, if the console types were separated, honestly.

And why do I care what other speedrun communities are doing? I guess it doesn't matter here, it's just always been odd to me how backwards the RE community is when it comes to actually optimizing games for "inclusiveness". Its one thing to separate when there's clear difference (RE2 knife, definitely consoles for RE3 at the very least), it's another to impose goofy levels of caps on PC and pretend it fixes the core problem. With this game in particular, any cap is going to cause problems, so you might as well meet in the middle somewhere, imo.

I will say, even how soon you regain control of Jill again after a cutscene depends on framerate. So even RTA is no good. I like the newer RE games, but Capcom keeps dropping the ball so hard when it comes to errors that impact the SR community, and that's honestly the only thing that actually pisses me off with any of this.


"tbh, I had to stop reading your post, my vision was blurring a bit from my eyes rolling" u mad or smth boy?
Yeah imagine a runner that held several 120 wrs against a runner u said ppl are afraid of (so i must have a saying from ur perspective) from re2r trying to give some love for ppl who doesnt have good PCs and try to make things even for everyone, must be a 3head brazilian guy for sure. Good talk as always.

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Mad? No, just your putting words into my mouth about elitism is where I had to stop reading, that wasn't ever the point. The point is you should at least run the game at the recommended requirements (which CAN hit the 120 range, if not you have something wrong with your system) if you want to compete for a WR time, not try to drag others down as a handicap. If I want to run in the Olympics, should I have them make sure all other runners can only run at the same speed I'm capable of running at? I mean they're opening up more competition doing that. Or should there be a basic barrier to entry, a recommended requirements? That's all I mean lol.
At least 60 FPSers can still compete, and in some cases, still dominate many 120 FPS runners (before you reach the top tier players, in which case ya, you'll probably struggle to some degree against people with a smoother and more comfortable experience)

And who brought up nationality? I never have, once in this community.
Really gross card to pull against someone that's never said anything ill about anyone's nationality, tbh. But forget it, I don't want to detract any further. I just want to say there isn't any single person in this community I hold some grudge against or don't like. I spent a good chunk of my time trying to fix a broken timer (before other things showed that its just screwed beyond timing). And while doing that, I had people in other countries where technology is much more expensive in the back of my mind. I get it, and I wanted an open board where everyone was on the same playing field (before you reach the inevitable input drop argument, which I'm still against separation etc for - if this game weren't as broken as it really is).

I'm going to duck out of this thread, as with all the recent revelations (many that haven't been noted yet on the boards AFAIK), I think this game is just too busted for my taste. I don't know how to truly even the playing field without a potential divide, IGT bleed sucks, lag on gaining control of your character sucks and I doubt Capcom will fix it. If you guys figure something out and I can help, I'm happy to do so, otherwise I wish every runner and potential runner the best of luck, and I look forward to watching your runs.


I don't know why the game "should at least be run at the recommended requirements" when ZGL stated it was important to consider what PCs can do with the minimum requirements instead. Going by the official minimum requirements he stated that 60 FPS should be achievable and a fair expectation for everyone to have.

And that comment about running in the Olympics-- no they don't all have to run at the speed you're capable of, but if someone was wearing rocket boots and you were wearing flip flops you'd probably think that was a disadvantage right? There's a reason that Nike's Vaporfly shoes were almost banned recently, and why they have rules about sole thickness and other specifications of the footwear you can have. An advantage is an advantage; the goal should be to try to keep things as equalized as possible.

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Xbox version got a patch, apparently. It's at 60fps now, according to this:

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I've always agreed with a cap of some sort, I've been saying that for a couple of days on the Discord. So yes, cap the framerate (sole thickness), but if I brought flipflops (60 FPS) to the race and I couldn't afford boots, I would probably just apply a filter and compare my times with other flipflop runners if it hurt my running ego that much. Rather than suggest everyone wear flipflops (like is being genuinely tossed around here by some people).

In this games state though, there really does need to be some FPS cap, I can get behind that, and I hope the mods consider that. It should just be a middle ground between the high-end boots and the low-end flipflops, if you want a true middle ground "even playing field". Otherwise you're just asking to cater to flipflops, ignoring some people are uncomfortable racing in flipflops.

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