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I agree with rapix and the others who have experienced this difference with fps regarding both re remakes. If both console versions are going to yield different time results (with ps4 pro bearing superior fps), sub categorizing both ps4 versions would make it consistent at least. I personally don't speedrun re2 or 3 remakes, but let's say if I wanted to or was contemplating it, I'd be discouraged because I have base ps4, and if I did intend to grind either one for an optimized time, I'd be forced to get a pro, which sounds demotivating for new runners who may have interest in running them

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What? After the update Xbone X has the most stable 60fps. Look at DF vid about it. Both pro and X are almoste the same also so dosent matter. But the base consoles are 45 (sometimes low as 30) - 60 fps. The differens is minimal between base and pro/x console in this game run wise. Mby less than a second in timebleed.

WR and 2nd on standard is on a ps4 slim, WR NG+ is on base console etc. This game is super fair on console and it depends way more on the runner than the system.

Edit: DF link, thay test both base and the ”pro” models.