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Hello guys! To get to the point, are you aware of this? There are players using trainers in speedruns and challenge runs and people seem to be unaware of this.

Recently, users have created trainers and hacks for Resident Evil 3 Remake, and yes, it can be easily busted if someone uses stuff like "Infinite Health." However, this is quite different. I will not give names or accuse anyone, because it's impossible to know who does it and who does not, but they may be using this trainer and activating the "Auto Dodge" option. This would be more or less summed up as "any damage you suffer will automatically perform a perfect dodge, without taking damage."

Auto Dodge Trainer Print: https:/​/​prnt.​sc/​rvqxjn
Demonstration Video:

Question 1: How will you detect if someone has "Auto Dodge" turned on?
Question 2: If it is not possible to detect, what will happen?

This is on PC Steam.

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I believe that perfect dodge timing is too close to the hit, sometimes the hand may go inside the character, or i'm just saying something stupid here

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This may possibly be a way to find out.


Wy cheat? Long time ago over 15yrs ago i spliced a run.... Yes little boy me cheated for the fame and got caught like all cheaters in the end. The shame and feelings afterward is never worth it. Its still haunting me in this sport and community.

So never cheat dudes/dudets! Its bad for the community, bad for the game and specialy bad for you as the runner.

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@Blucker12Blucker12 As someone who has tested out a trainer like this, I can tell you it is blatantly obvious when an auto-dodger is on. It will dodge no matter what, you can't choose when it happens, so enemies will literally just run right through you and not be able to touch you. That's a big red flag. Or if, for instance, you see someone doing a dodge that not even a top runner is able to do or it's something that just seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don't worry. We will be keeping an eye out for this sort of thing. All of us mods are runners of this game so we the difference between a really well-executed dodge, and something suspect.

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I've seen someone using this cheat and it is LAUGHABLY obvious. The only way this would fly under the radar is if you had the chance set so low you might as well not be using it at all.

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