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Edit your splits and change the game name to "Resident Evil 3". A message should display below "Start Timer at:" that notifies you that auto splitting and IGT is available by CursedToast. Click the "Activate" button. Doing this will make Livesplit automatically grab the splitter for you, no ASL file needed.

After activating the RE3 autosplitter, click "Settings". Place a checkmark next to every split you want to use. Everything checkmarked will auto split (other than the "Part" parent categories, those are for organization).

Afterwards, create your splits segments. Name them anything you want (just make sure you have one split for each checkmarked autosplit setting). Order them however you'd like.

Make sure you compare against Game Time by right clicking livesplit and "Compare against -> Game Time".

If a split doesn't fire off when it should, double check that its checkmarked in the autosplitter settings. If a split fires off when it shouldn't, make sure you don't have something checkmarked without a split segment created.

Otherwise, this is still considered a beta and prone to error, so if you have any issues, reach out on Discord or Twitter, or post here.

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Splitter has been updated since original post that fixes a bunch of things. At this time I'm considering it stable, but as always, reach out if things aren't behaving appropriately.

Special thanks to Orchlon for testing these extensively for me.

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The splitter has been updated. The "Defended Jill" split should now split when you grab the detonator... It's not ideal, but the game does a weird thing for knife only players that would cause it to not split. So this is a "in the middle" solution. Sorry for any inconvenience 😕

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Defended Jill was changed to split on using the detonator at the request of 7RayD. I agree that it's a more appropriate place to split.

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I'm having issues opening the blank splits file. When I try to open it in Livesplit I get an error that says, "the selected file was not recognized as splits file". Any suggestions?


Is this the split to use for official subs?


must you manually end the split i see it didnt and it skipped one.. forgot which one


No, nothing should require manually splitting. The final split should trigger at the credits, I believe. If something was skipped, double check your split settings.


Is it possible to use autospliter with steam, Japanese Z version?


Not right now, but in a future update I will support Cero Z.

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Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to it.


@nonnonxnonnonx I pushed an update that should support Cero Z. Please let me know if you experience any issues. Next time you restart Livesplit you should receive the update.

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I was able to use! I am so grateful to you!


has anyone noticed MAJOR frame drops when using Livesplit? ive noticed this and stop using it and the game is suddently better? is it a lack of threads or something


I tried the autosplit for re3 remake today. Dont know what went wrong but the app splits twice for every split that i mentioned. Eg: if i finish "escaped apartment" split, it automatically splits the next split which is "escaped bar jack". I included Scriptable Auto Splitter in the Edit layouts menu


Never experienced that @oujisan2236oujisan2236 does it happen when the splitter is disabled too?

@kaushik24junekaushik24june don't do that. You do not need the ASL in your layout if you have it enabled via the "Activate" method as well. You're essentially running the autosplitter twice, so you're splitting twice. I suggest ditching the layout method all together, as the "Activate" method will automatically retrieve the latest updates to the splitter when you launch Livesplit.


Hey thanks for making this autosplitter, I do have a question real fast. I'm still pretty bad at the game and occasionally die to Acid Nemesis. When this happens it splits and moves on to final nemesis.

I've probably set something up incorrectly, but I figured I'd ask if this expected behavior.( I can provide a clip of this happening if needs be.)

Thanks for any help!


Dying to bosses and triggering the boss split is a known (and currently unavoidable) issue. The RE engine likes to set the bosses HP to 0 on "Continue" but the game never actually sets Jill's HP to zero when she dies. So I can't run a check to see if Jill is still alive to negate that effect.

It's an unfortunate issue that effects mostly newer players. Eventually people will be resetting the run altogether if they die, so it "goes away" with time. Still wish I could fix it though. Sorry!

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@CursedToastCursedToast not a worry in the world., thanks for letting me know I kind of assumed it may have been something like that.

Looks like it's time to git gud.


@CursedToastCursedToast if the game never sets Jills HP to 0 on death, wouldn’t it be better to instead read the death counter variable? If that’s even possible.

Then maybe something like if continue death > 0 then boss hp +1, you would also have to reset death variable to 0 each time otherwise it would only work once (it might mean creating a separate death variable for livesplit to read/reset as necessary rather than actually changing the games variable).

So then when you’re dying it puts the bosses hp at 1 so it doesn’t split and you’re free to continue, if you really wanted to without having to worry about scuffed splits.

That might be a better angle? If you haven’t tried this.