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Ceará, Brazil

Pistol, Shotgun, No gunpowder, Light Mode (good thing about this, magnum is faster 4Head), All Bosses (including nikolai chopper)

I'm trying to think a good definition to 100% (or Platinum% or Master%), we can think about the name after.

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West Lothian, Scotland

NG+ Nemmy%

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United Kingdom

Magnum is faster for light mode? @allancg I like the idea of light mode, did a race on it a few weeks ago, was fun.

Ceará, Brazil

@Symm im not sure yet, but you start with magnum and 24 bullets, that should be enough to finish the game, with one cycle worm.

Edit: I just tested @Symm its not possible to one cycle the worm with the magnum in light mode, so GL still faster.

The best route for light mode is problably pick up one B powder in the Clock tower and the freeze rounds that Carlos gives to you (12 in light mode) then combine the rounds that comes with the GL with the B power, this will give to you 12 acid rounds (light mode), this should be enough to finish the game.

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Starting handgun only (no eagle) nemesis%, shotgun only nemesis%, magnum nemesis% (not magnum only,all weapons except the grenade launcher allowed), soft kill all (kill all enemies that are in the rooms you go through) all difficulties as variables (original heavy, original light, arrange heavy, arrange light).

United Kingdom

Love that we have category extensions now, this was a really good idea. Not sure we should go super overboard with a million random categories though... but light mode could be cool and I like handgun only as a concept

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Florida, USA

I do think we should add a 100% to this. I'd define it as:

All unique items & weapons, and using all items (for example, STARS cards at computer, possibly looking at password in Pharmacy, etc) All unique enemy kills (including Worm 1) All files (including Jill's diary, so must be collected in order) All Nemesis encounter kills (including Carlos and on train) All doors unlocked/all keys used Canon ending

I want to propose Brad%. This consists of reaching the first Nemesis fight outside of the police station, and dying by taking Nemesis's tentacle through the head.

@silentkaster that could be hard to determinate because there are a ton of factors that are hard to determinate what means "all unique enemy kills" for example in the death factory on the way to the water puzzle, you can easly get 4 different kind of enemies in that area (Hunters, Zombies, Brain Suckers or Poison Brain Suckers) so i don't think "all enemies" looks easy determinate in this game. That's probably the main issue with that meaning of 100%

@Beckski93 @Smokethebear Looks interesting since i found the HP of Nemesis is lower and some weapons do more damage, we could think about adding "Light Mode"

@MrDaddyDean I'll give you the reason why i don't like that and it's called "Rocket Launcher Nemesis%" which makes IMO boring the category, but we'll think about that

@Orchlon @Geckard Nice one :)

PD: By the time we're gonna be working for PC platforms only, and the leaderboards have rules posted so make sure follow them.

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Yesterday I tried a new category called "Nemesis% Starter Weapons Only". It's like Nemesis% but using M92F and knife. I didn't put "M92F only" because I used the knife in waste disposal fight (using pistol in that part is painful because of the aim). For now it's a prototype run but I wanna contribute with something =).

This run is gargabe but it was a first attempt:

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How about defeating all enemies with a knife?

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I call this the "Fragile Knife": Knife only, but you can only equip it during CT nemesis and acid nemesis. You must unequip it whenever you are not in these encounters. Bonus points for swinging it the exact required amount of times, which, if i'm not mistaken, is 85 slashes.

@Smokethebear That's true, thanks. I added the category aswell, would be better for now being played as a normal Any%

@apalapan that's like running knife only without using the emergency dodge :( i don't know about this one. PD: it's exactly 82 slashes ;)

@keny you gave me an idea since you mention killing all Nemesis, i was thinking about a category called "All Bosses" that would be:

  • All Nemesis encounters (even the Train Fight)
  • Both Grave Digger fights (before the train and the park)
  • Nicholai's chopter fight (this will force you jumping always on the bridge before entering to the factory)
  • You need to kill the final Nemesis using the 2nd option (When Jill grabs the Magnum) once the Raid Cannon does the job

(I don't know if i'm missing one fight here, let me know)

All Nemesis with knife could be added aswell, that would include the Nemesis at the Train Crash fight, right @keny ?

This would force the runner getting "True Ending" which i was burning my head looking a good category for this and add that Nemesis fight (if i'm right you're talking about that one) at the same time.

@RebeccaRE Probably adding a category like that and 2 subcategories, Handgun Only (Main Category) Any% and Nemesis% (as subcategories). Since you've proved you have enough Handgun bullets for defeating all of them (even the Train Fight) with the main pistol could be a good idea. :D

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I think that "All Bosses" sounds good. Generally, I agree with your opinion. Defeat Nemesis with Carlos, I think that it is even better if you add it.

Also, Nicholai's chopter fight could be defeated with Jill's knife?

I thought that I can not beat it unless use a rocket launcher or a grenade launcher.

What I was thinking initially was simpler, I thought about not only Nemesis and Grave Digger, but also zombies, zombie dogs, and all other monsters, to beat them.

The bottleneck of this idea is that it takes a lot of time, but I think that it is easy to work out if to divide the stage and to allow play in segments.

"All Bosses" is very attractive, I'm happy if you also consider "All Monsters".

@keny Sadly you can't defeat Nicholai on the chopter fight with the knife, you need to wait 1 or 2 minutes and he will escape of the fight. He can be defeated even with pistol but that's kinda hard.

If you mean "All Enemies Kills" i was considering that too, the only problem we could have to solve is the fact there are different enemies into the game and they appear randomly. For example:

  • On the way to the water sample, you can get zombies, hunters, brain suckers and the other evolution of brain suckers
  • In the hospital, Carlos can get 2 zombiez sections or 1

There are more examples but i guess if this could be described better, then that could be added aswell. This is a video where @wolfdnc shows how to kill all the enemies, as you can see, there are a ton of different enemies that you can get. Making it kinda hard to see when's exactly you kill everything or not

About All Bosses, you're right, that Nemesis with Carlos too :O thanks, if everything's OK i can add that category once everyone's agreed :D thanks

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I think that feasibility is high, so please proceed with consideration from "All Bosses" first.

I think that it is still necessary to consider the rules for "All Enemies Kills" of the knife.

I will appreciate it if I get the time without hastening the conclusion.

In addition, this category is Nikoniko and several Japanese are challenging. And what has been no-save and time attacked is present.

I will introduce it as reference. The time was 3: 56: 45.

PC版バイオハザード3 ノーセーブでナイフ殲滅

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Jesus :O i'm gonna check it out, thanks @keny



Run finishes when you arrange Loss in your inventory.

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FAS              First Aid Box Backdoor Key Reloading Tool

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Hi. I proposed it in the RE3 speedrun regular forum. Nemesis% (or all bosses) without GL (similar to Magnum Route). That open new routes and strategies; you can use the magnum, others can find best results with eagle, etc). Thanks!

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