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this probably won't be a real category due to it only being really feasible in one scenario and it being just a huge meme in general, but I tried to optimise the route anyways for the lols. sorry for any misinformation or weird wording i just used this for my personal notes and some of these strats arent necessary. i might record a video of it next time if i go back to this meme run but for now no video 🙁

-get gas key, get back bitten once by zombie
-get to RPD, meet elliot, meet marvin
- get FAS after using switch and discard gas key and knife
- go to the staircase room to 2f and get portable safe in valve room, solve it (its RNG everytime it sucks)
- go to 3f to get spade key and go left through hallway to bomb room
- get gunpowder and hip pouch in bomb room, fall through library, exit and get the lion medal (lion leaf bird)
- go to the waiting room on 2f and get the weapon locker card from statue room, meet claire
- get bolt cutters, get into east office and get valve walk forward to get yellow powder(combine with blue for shells) and fuze, get out of the east wing with fuze
- go through reception again, get back bitten by zombie(optional)
- enter the detonator room, discard bolt cutters then pick up detonator, exit
- get into weapons locker room a, use spare key and unlock 208
- go to back to get shotgun, shells and more shells in locker
- go up to 2f to valve room, use valve handle, pick up shells from locker with passcode 'CAP' and pick up shells on the right locker, use valve handle
- pick up blue powder from locker in the other side of the room, exit to stars hallway
- pick up shells on the couch, go into stars office
- pick up battery and combine with detonator, pick up shells at left side of room and yellow powder from right side (combine), exit
- get unicorn medal (fish scorpion loot), exit to library
- move bookshelf once, go up ladder and enter bomb room
- use detonator on bomb, solve maiden puzzle (head bow snake) and exit through library
- go back to goddess statue and put in medals, go into the secret room
- pick up shells on left, enter the lift and fight G1 (aim head and big eye)
- go up ladder, go right, open locker, pick up herb then pick up powder in locker, go to parking garage
- meet ada, go to prison and get crank, go back through parking garage to other side
- go to dog cage room and take yellow powder at the right side of door
- get the first electronic part in gen room, solve puzzle, escape dogs
- go up to break room, take yellow powder from locker, get fuze, exit and take shells outside the room
- dodge zombies and escape using fuze, go up through fire escape
- use the crank on other end of hallway go upstairs to 3f
- get the shells on left side of room, and get the large gear, exit
- go to balcony, fall down the ladder and go down the stairs, activate the lever, move into the misty room
- pick up shells and get club key in safe room, exit, activate water
- dodge mr x, go back down fire escape, go through east office, go back into reception and use club key and get jack handle, exit
- go back through hallway and reception, go upstairs to the library, use jack handle, move bookshelves twice, go up ladder
- exit the library and go into clock tower room while baiting zombie at the door, solve the gears puzzle and exit
- go back through east storage room at other side of the whole room, go down the balcony ladder, go through fire escape
- go through breaker room hallway and down into basement, go to firing range to pick up shells at the end of the room, exit
- dodge dogs and go to prison, solve puzzle, get keycard, take FAS
- yolo prison dodge babyyyy good luck, or go around and try ur luck using one shell
- use card and get out with ada
- go into gunshop and get shotgun upgrade
- sewers, bank pistol and spade key, use shotgun to kill big alligator man
- on ada, get back bitten by fatty on the way back from hack
- take control of leon, get shells at the left side of the sewer tunnels (optional just 2 shells, can skip out on if did g1 well)
- go through the right tunnel and do the regular sewers shit until u reach the control room, pick up shells and go down and find ada
- activate bridge, get T bar on left side, go to the safe on the other side and solve to get shotgun stock (left 2, right 12, left 😎
- go down the stairs activate the gate, get yellow powder right outside the gate, use t bar on handle and get shells before going into the lift
- go out and get rook and go back to lift
- go back to room with the 2 zombies, go through pool room and solve chess puzzle, get out and go back to ada
- solve the chess puzzle, get green herb downstairs, combine with red herb at switch puzzle
- fight G2 by standing at specific spot near switch and shoot his claw once
- finish off G2 with 2 crane hits and let him put u to danger once and heal
- time for labs
- go into cafe room go up ladder go into kitchen, get the red powder on left and make shells, go get the blue band and more shells, get out
- pick up shells from sherry room
- go to big lab atrium room thing, go to the ivy place
- pick up yellow powder in specimen room, go into puzzle room and do the codes (2067 3123) get the dispensa thing go out into greenhouse
- go into drug lab, pick up red powder and do the puzzle,
- shoot ivy and go down ladder in greenhouse, get red powder and make shells
- go into orgy room, pick up shells, go past lickers and go upstairs to store room
- pick up yellow powder and signal modulator, go back down
- go through orgy room to get the power on with signal mod and go into cooling room
- cool the dispensa thing and pick up blue powder on table
- get out through orgy room and up the ladder
- shoot ivy in greenhouse and put the dispensa in and kill the plants
- get the purple band and get out
- go to g3, pick up yellow powder in changing room, pick up yellow powder and red powder in safe room and fight g3
- get out of the labs by lift, dodge ivys by using shotgun if enough ammo, dodge mr x, pick up big plug, fight naked Mr X, stagger 3 times
- pick up rocket and kaboom him, use last shells to stun/kill zombies at the door and GG

shells used: (roughly)
g1 24-26 shots
g2 1 shot
g3 40-50 shots

9 high grade gunpowder pick ups
-valve room
-stars office
-dog room baskets
-fuze safe room locker
-sewers gate
-first ivy room
-signal mod room
-before g3 locker room
-before g3

4 large powders
-labs kitchen
-drug puzzle room
-labs ladder room
-before g3

5 gunpowders
-maiden room
-shower room
-after g1
-misty room
-freezing room lab

14 shell pickups + 1 optional
-shotgun locker
-208 locker
-valve locker room
-stars hallway
-stars office
-secret room
-firing range
-outside fuze safe room
-large gear room
-sewers tunnel (only 2 shells and aggros zombie early)
-sewers control room
-sewers lift room
-labs sherry room
-blue band room
-orgy room

46 picked up shells + 2 optional shells + 15 from powders + 24 from large powders+4 shells from shotgun upgrade= 89 shells or 91 with optional pickup

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