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Hey, I'd like to get into Speedrunning this game and I'd highly prefer to use OpenRCT2 (mainly for the early completion setting) but I highly dislike the game speed setting rule.

I just watched one of the runners get about 1.5 in-game days per second, all At turbo speed all I can get is about one day every 3 seconds on my older hardware laptop.

That basically suggests in order for me to be competitive, I need to throw money at the problem.

Can we get a normal speed or some kind of in-game time category that will make it less hardware dependent?


I too encountered this issue when I first started speedrunning RCT2, seeing other players being able to zoom through the game at turbo speeds while I had a computer that went down to like 10fps every time i tried to do the same was kind of a let down. So I understand where you're coming from.

I wouldn't be opposed to adding an in-game time subcategory, so everyone is able to speedrun at an equal advantage. I was thinking of adding a user-defined variable for in-game time, which I figured we could count at total amount of in-game days. It would have to involve some math for calculating the amount of days, but doing so would allow anyone to sort by RTA or in-game time on the leaderboard.

If anyone has any other ideas for a fix, please by all means share them, because this is definitely something I support.


I like this idea and I've had the same issue with big scenarios like extreme heights. Determining who's the fastest shouldn't be difficult, we can just use the completion date for that. There are two issues with this though.

The first is that there are a few scenarios where this results in the same time for everyone. An example is Sherwood Forest, where you can only complete the scenario at the end of each month because of the goal, so everyone will have the same result of 31 in-game days.

The second issue is the pause button. How do we want to treat it? You can save a lot of in-game time by pausing the game in between actions but it also takes forever for the game to progress if you use the pause function a lot. A speedrun scenario like Extreme Heights or Amity Airfield will take a very long time if you want to minimize the in-game time by pausing the game, which kind of takes the speed out of speedrun.