Original physics category?
5 years ago

Hello. I plan to run this game sometime this year. I was wondering if it could be possible to have a category for original physics on any%, like on the level leaderboard?

Allowing third party content on speedruns(outside of compatibility/aesthetic purposes) is highly unusual, especially when it makes significant changes to the game like NGP. Furthermore, to my understanding NGP is still WIP and may change at any time. I am not against people running NGP at all - it is not a bad idea if it is the most used patch today - I just think it should have its own catgory.

I know that people making requests while not being active on a particular game is outside the etiquette here, but the sooner changes are made the easier it is, and I think it is better to start the discussion now rather than wait for people to fill the leaderboards.


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Czech Republic

Hello, yea, definitely! Make a run on original physics and I make category. ^^


Cool stuff, thanks!

I wanna focus on CMR for now, but i'll try to make an RBR run sometime in the Summer.

Wielkopolskie, Poland

Yay! Also i agree about the original physics, it should still be the main category

Czech Republic

I agree too. I thought that noone using original physics nowadays.

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