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Just noticed the NGP category went, whats going on with that? since the game runs in NGP5/NGP6/Original choices.

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I was thinking about that a lot..... Speedrunning with mods is very difficult topic to talk about. This game is not popular in terms of speedrunning, so I decided to set leaderboards for RBR without any mods to keep it clean and avoid all issues with compatibility and stability of the game itself. As you can see, nobody did season with NGP, because game often crashes between locations while loading. Also, I wanted to include "Rally School", which is part of the game. You can't even complete this with NGP. Everything is very complex, even when there's almost nobody playing this game without mods.... BUT noone knows :) .

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Can't speak for everyone, but i think it's perfectly fine to only have the leaderboard for unmodified game. Speedrunning mods is a controversial topic imo and there might be substantial differences between subsequent versions of specific mods, leading to unfair discrepancies and advantages/disadvantages between players (unless it's succesfully enforced that everyone uses the same version)

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One of the major mods for this game (Next-Generation physics) is still developing, changing behavior of vehicles which results different times. This means that newer version makes old times invalid.

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