Major Leaderboard Changes
3 years ago
Czech Republic

Because I made first any% speedrun, I decided to make major changes.

Subcategories for full-game leaderboards were changed from difficulty options to "clean" and "dirty". "Clean" subcategory represent the "fair" way to beat the game, using classic rally cuts and no glitches. "Dirty" subcategory allows runner to use major cuts and glitches. These subcategories were added to IL boards too. Because game isn't famous in terms of speedrunning, changes didn't affect any existing runs because leaderboards are still empty.

Modifications are allowed with current limitations: All mods and plugins which don't affect game physics, car performance, track textures or other track visibility advantages are allowed. Runner can edit pacenotes, driving camera, digidash etc. Runner cannot modify track textures or change car physics. Original cars only (custom car skins allowed). For all crashes is every runner responsible.

I hope everything is explained correctly. 🤗

Edited by the author 3 years ago

After discovering a 'dirty cut' is all four wheels off the road, I'm curious if this means 'running wide' on an corner exit also makes a run dirty. I had thrown a couple of attemps out today based entirely on all four wheels leaving the road, before thinking maybe I should ask if this rule is more lenient for the corner exit.

Czech Republic

Basically, if you are wide on exit, it doesnt mean you cut the track. If you crash out of track, it is not "dirty" at all. Dirty category is for the huge cuts and glitches, for now, I consider cut as four wheels out of track in the corner, not on the exit.

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