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I've been trying financier rookie set seed for about 3-4 hours and I realized that it was practically impossible for me, I couldn't even get under a 34:60 and I legit performed the most frame perfect box flick I've ever seen.

I dmed the world record holder (Zelkron) and he told me that he was having the same issue and he had to use an FPS unlocker just to take that record back. Which is really dumb because not everyone has decent PCs and I can't even open OBS and have the stupid FPS Unlocker on without my game lagging.

So my question is: Are mods going to do anything about this? A person named dart#5808 from EEPC already argued about this and the mods did nothing so I'm posting it here. Honestly, this isn't one of those moments where you can just strap on a variable and call it a day because it's legit an unfair advantage, and no this is not an advantage for just financier rookie set seed; it's an advantage for speedrunning EP in GENERAL.

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Isnt the thing that you're lagging a pc issue? I also lag without an fps unlocker when recording with obs.Thats why i cant really record in full screen without me,or the video lagging


If there's a way to know for sure someone did or did not use FPS unlocker then yes let's add a varibale.
But is there any ?


Shift f5, but as for the current runs on the board it’s impossible


For anyone who didn't read the conversation taking place in EEPC, nothing will be done with the FPS unlocker issue so you're still free to use it.


If you don't like it, tough luck but mods are lazy and that means nothing is ever gonna happen about it!