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What I'm curious about is why level skipping is not used. There is a way to select your first level as well as warping to certain levels from others.

100% is fine the way it is. If there is a way to shorten up the game through the use of these tactics I would hope you consider adding an additional category. Thank you for your time!


I've done some research and found you can beat this game in a couple ways. It involves using the level skip code which I'll link in below. Before starting the game if you hold the L Button and all 4 C Buttons you'll hear a noise. Once you do that after you select your character and start your game, you can select any level you want.

What this does is create two new ways to complete this game. The first way is to select the level Luna Tech and beat the game. After beating Luna Tech the game gives you the final cut-scene and rolls out the credits. To me this would be the fastest way to beat the game however its not very fun. That run would last only 1 minute or less.

The second way to complete this game is to destroy all scum labs. It is possible to play through all the levels that have these labs and have the game place you on Luna Tech to beat the game. To me this would be more enjoyable for players and fans of the game. It would cut the playtime down to under 30 minutes which could attract more players.

I prefer the second over the first. Why? Because it gives a sense of completion. In the first way I've shared it doesn't seem like your playing through the game. With the second you at have to destroy all the labs, which is what the game whats you to do. Your doing what the game whats without playing all the levels but not reducing the game to just one level. This creates a fun run without having it last nearly 2 hours.

I hope you all enjoyed my little rant. This game is fun to play but I know there is a faster way to beat it. It will come down to what you find to be the best way to do so. Thank you for your time!

Level Skip Cheat: