Nice to see people still speedrun Raft Wars! :)
2 years ago
Toronto, ON, Canada

I came here from a friend asking me if I had the world record speed run for Raft Wars, and I said yes and asked how he knew. That's when I found out a big YouTuber called EazySpeezy made a video about speed running it, which garnered a lot of attention to the game. He also happened to show the leader board in his video, and my world record speed run in the description, which was cool to see.

I'm actually a bit surprised I still have the world record after almost 4 years, as I believe it was far from perfect. That being said, I think someone will eventually beat it, and hey if they do so they deserve it. If anything, I'm kind of glad people still speed run this, even after flash is gone.

I might submit a run in the future, but obviously I don't have as much time as I used to. There's also the fact that it's very hard to get everything perfect without any mistakes, as I did attempt to best myself recently, which was easier said than done. Either way, I just wanted to pop up and say hi, and wish the best of luck to everyone in the future who will go for the world record.

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