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New glitches, new strats and ergo WR time on my latest run! 😃 NotDavie and Skritler I challange you, I challenge you to beat my time 🙂 The Co-Op bros are in it to win it!

LeXos95, OmegaJubs, gfgmania and BellumZeldaDS you should start running in the NG any% category as well. I would love to see you in the leaderboards guys 🙂 Over and out for this time. (Ps. check out Muckemannen's up-to-date guide on how to do NG+ any% runs. A few new glitches that we found are included)

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HAHA the best thing is that I joked about getting the world record in the start of the run and then I actually got it after 400 tries or so xD It was my last run so I just thought why not put some last energy and effort into it and then the unbelievible happended.

Also, I will put out some level runs that is meant to work as additional guides covering important pieces that should be used in combination with Muckemannen's guide or after have watched his full game guide.


Ooooooooop i accept the challenge o Aldo have a brother willing to play with me and we Will beat you you silly brothers

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Haha that's what I like to hear! Game on gfg, game on! ;D