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This game likes to softlock... I mean seriously likes to. And this is on 1.05. I highly suggest you update as 1.00 is much worse (and 1.05 is faster). They fixed most NPCs having a "delayed" response time, some to the point of causing a softlock, aka Lester at the Marksman.

A couple examples of softlocks and how to deal:

The area ahead of you is white / unloaded:
Stop. Seriously, just stop! If you enter that area and it loads it will load incorrectly. Notable examples of this occurring are
1. The house after the barn with Tommy Dean
2. The widowmaker appearance while Joe is holding the power Cell
3. The widowmaker appearance in New York
3. The Goliath swarm area in New York before Charlie. Only occurs if you skip the previous fight

NPCs/Enemies Freeze:
Die and/or Hope. You need to die asap or find the enemy trigger that most likely messed up.
Tommy Dean can freeze during the mill so make sure there isn't an invisible enemy somewhere in the mill, though id restart if this softlock occurs.
The three members of charlies group can stall after the pub fight, but they managed to teleport for me so I don't know if this is bad or not.
Charlie can softlock while Joe is holding the Power cell. First at the drop down, if you fall instead of waiting like charlie asks he may stall, secondly, two Longlegs can appear in the room before Charlie "takes a rest." If they follow you into the room there is a good chance charlie will never make another action and you will need to restart or die by standing infront of them, as the longlegs only target charlie. A good heads up this may happen is you see a group of longlegs outside the building standing more or less inside one another.
I have no idea how this happened but the Widomaker in Times Square can freeze after you break the first two sacks.
If you shoot the Chimera after the widowmaker through the door w/ the auger, he actually stalls (he cannot be killed), however you can recover by walking up to the door and he will grab you pulling you through it and the boards.

And lastly, the train is a buggy mess. I dont know what hapened, but basically I skipped a cutscene and the caboose never detached...but I didn't fail. I just slowed down to a snails pace and kept going. Thankfully you have the Wildfire Secondary for a fast kill.

Feel free to contribute other examples below for wary players.


Found a couple new ones during my GDQ submission, but nothing worth noting...except for this one.
I don't even know...


An update, DO NOT RUN THIS GAME ON A SUPER SLIM. Almost all of the above softlocks are exclusive to the Super Slim and YOU WILL LOSE TIME!